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Components and Functions of Conference System Devices

A complete audio conference system is mainly composed of sound source equipment (such as microphones, etc.), control equipment (such as mixers, etc.), amplification equipment (such as power amplifiers), playback equipment (such as speakers) and peripheral equipment (such as equalizers, Sequencer, etc.). So, what are the main product functions of the conference system? Let's take a look together.

1. The microphone of the conference system


The system adopts chairman/attendance microphone. Cardioid pointing condenser microphone; gooseneck microphone with red speaking indicator halo, microphone speaking status indicator; red light means speaking. The chairman has a priority speaking button, and the speaking representative unit can be closed by the ban button.

2. The audio mixer of the conference system


The mixer used in the system has 16 input channels, 10 microphone inputs, 4 sets of stereo line inputs, 1-8 channels with three-stage mid-range sweep equalization, and 9/10-15/16 channels with three Segment equalizer; 6 groups of buses (stereo + 4 groups), three auxiliary transmissions, one stereo loopback; the first 6 microphone channels have built-in compressors, and all channels have high-pass filters.

2. The equalizer of the conference system

In the use of equalizers, it is a 2x31-band high-precision equalizer, high/low pass filter, and VU meter.

3. The power amplifier of the conference system

According to the actual situation of the project and the functional requirements, we use a professional conference power amplifier that matches the speakers in the conference sound reinforcement system. The power amplifier products produced have the characteristics of good quality and high stability, and their products have superior quality and extraordinary performance capabilities. Therefore, power amplifiers are the wise choice for multimedia conference projects.

4. Speakers of the conference system


In the meeting room project, we use professional conference speakers. The speakers of the professional conference system are highly sensitive. The speakers are designed with low impedance, which effectively reduces the internal resistance loss and effectively improves the sound reproduction characteristics. It effectively reduces the feedback howling caused by the sound field and improves the clarity of the sound.

5. The power sequencer of the conference system


For the solution, we use a power sequencer, which has the feature of switching the sequencer automatically according to the set time, so that the engineer can switch the entire audio conference system with one switch.

The sound reinforcement environment of the conference system is mainly composed of sound source equipment→control equipment→amplification equipment→replay equipment. In this conference system, the mixer is connected to the hand-in-hand system control host and the equalizer; the equalizer is connected to the power amplifier; the power amplifier is connected to the professional conference speakers.

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