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The Advantage of IP Broadcasting Technology to Realize Audio-Video Broadcasting

1.Relying on the Internet, it can provide global coverage.
2.The technology is relatively easy to implement, and the line is multi-purpose. It makes full use of network resources, avoiding repeating the erection of lines;
3. By means of live broadcasting and video recording, the program can be repeated on demand without restriction of broadcasting time, and the audience can choose the program independently according to their needs.
4. Programming does not require much additional investment.
5. It adopts digital file format and has good reception effect.
6.The existing audio and video resources can be used for network value-added services.

Broadcast mode of ip pa system

1. Unicast: For point-to-point transmission, a path is added for each additional receiving point.
2. Broadcast: Once the sender sends out the packet, it will be full of the whole network, and all users on the network can receive it (usually requiring special support from network equipment);
3.Multicast: A point-to-multipoint communication mode in which the sender sends only one packet, and all registered receivers can receive the packet at the same time.

General steps to realize IP network broadcasting

1.Establish broadcast content and audio source (distribute live/video signals and transform audio/video files);
2.If it is live, the audio/video signal is drawn from the audio source to the audio/video capture card.
3.Determine the bandwidth to display online;
4.Prepare the software of the network broadcasting server system;

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