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Several Common Problems and Solutions of Cable Conference Microphone

Cable conference microphone is stable and sound quality is good. Generally speaking, the microphone of important leaders should be wired and stable first. Wireless microphones are prone to frequency channeling and interruption, and are vulnerable to interference from other electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones). If there is a problem with microphones when leaders are making a report , the consequences will be serious. So here are some common problems and solutions for wired conference microphones.

1.Why do wired conference microphones sometimes crack?

Usually, there is something wrong with your microphone line. It needs to be welded again. Just cut off a line under Cannon's head and reconnect it. If there are no conditions, just change the microphone line directly.

2.In the course of the meeting, the voice of the wired conference microphone suddenly becomes smaller, and the speaker has exchange sonic. What's the reason?

Check whether the microphone wire is disconnected, whether the plug is reliable to connect with the socket, whether the ground wire on the microphone socket in the machine or the foot of the microphone socket is off-welded, or whether the microphone's ground wire is disconnected or not in good contact.

3.How to solve the problem of noise when the conference microphone is too close to the stereo? How to operate it on the mixer? How far away is it from the stereo before there is no noise?

Noise is sound feedback with high and low frequency. An equalizer is added between the mixer and the power amplifier to adjust the frequency of the equalizer. Pull down one by one. When it works, it pulls down and returns to its original position. Or adjust the position of the microphone to avoid the position of the mouth of the speaker.

4.What's the difference between a wired conference microphone and a hand-held microphone?

It's a radial connection. The microphone line starts from the mixer, and several microphones put several microphone wires to the end of the microphone. When the radial structure is used, each microphone is connected with the mixer by a line, so the lines around the mixer are numerous and miscellaneous, which are easy to pull, twist and knot, and difficult to manage. After it breaks down, it is relatively troublesome to repair. The advantage of traditional conference system: the failure of one microphone does not affect the use of other microphones. Hand-in-hand conference system: It uses the way of microphone end-in-series connection. After the first microphone is connected to the conference host, a wire is drawn from the first microphone and connected to the second microphone. Then a wire is drawn from the second microphone and connected to the third microphone in series with dozens of microphones, hence the name is Hand-in-Hand Conference System. All microphones are powered by phantom power supply.

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