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The Invisible Speaker Makes the "speaker" Disappear and Makes the Wall Sound

For those who love movies and music but don't want speakers to ruin the design style or the interior space is not large, good sound and simple interior design are often difficult to choose. Traditional loudspeakers are large in size and placed in the home. For some families, it takes up space and affects the aesthetics. Now there is an invisible sound system that can make the speakers ultra-thin and hide them in the wall. The sound solution provided by the invisible speaker makes it easy to enjoy both benefits.


1. The origin of the development of invisible speakers

As early as the 1980s, researchers from the British Ministry of Defense tried to use composite flat materials to seal the engine in order to study ways to reduce the noise of fighter jet engines. They accidentally discovered that these composite flat materials were like loudspeakers that produced huge sounds due to vibration. So, researchers thought of using this composite flat material to make speakers. In 1996, invisible speaker technology began to be put into practical applications such as commercial and home use, completely subverting the technical concept of traditional speakers.

2. The development status of invisible speakers

The invisible speakers currently on the market are very popular,  its new concept is very attractive. The invisible speaker itself also has many subversive advantages. It can perfectly integrate sound and architectural design, move the speaker off the floor and bookshelf, and enter the wall. In an instant, the installation of speakers becomes unlimited. The interior walls and ceilings have become part of the blank canvas and are completely open to architects. The loudspeaker is no longer so obtrusive, and the sound becomes a design element, like light, shape and color, without any loss of acoustic accuracy.



Invisible speakers are favored by global international high-end brand retail stores. The speakers are completely hidden in the walls, showing the highest level of custom installation!


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