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How to Give Full Play to the Effect of Mic Amplifier So That the Sound Does Not Leave a Trace?

The microphone amplifier is responsible for amplifying the microphone signal and performing some necessary processing, and then turning it into a way of line output and then connecting it to the next level of equipment. The independent microphone amplifier is relatively comprehensive and professional, with strong operability.

Ⅰ. The basic usage of 4 mic amplifier

1. First connect the microphone cable to the microphone amplifier, and adjust the 4 mic amplifier input level through a normal sound test.

2. Adjust the compressor

The most important principle is: the purpose of using a compressor is not only to compress the dynamics of the sound, so that it has a strong expressive force and fullness.

Ⅱ. How to adjust the 4 mic amplifier to not hear the traces of sound compression?

When the sound requirements are smooth and stable, what you need to do on the compressor is to appropriately reduce the start-up time, increase the recovery time, reduce the threshold, and increase the compression ratio.

As for the hiss canceller, the operation on most microphone amplifiers is relatively simple. You only need to set the threshold and the amount of elimination. The key of the hiss elimination is to prevent the sound from becoming muddy due to processing.


The microphone amplifier of Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. integrates a balance function as well as a pre-amplifier and a post-amplifier. It uses innovative technology to produce powerful and beautiful sound. Its functions and operations are clear. At the same time, the product is specially designed for meetings with adjustable volume. Everyone is welcome to buy!

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