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Composition and Requirements of Conference Audio System

The conference audio system should be composed of microphone, sound source, loudspeaker, mixer, peripheral audio equipment, power amplifier, monitor, recording equipment and codec. So what are the main functions of these devices supposed to meet? Now I will introduce them to you one by one.

1. Microphone and Source Requirements

(1) Directional microphones should be equipped for meetings. The number of microphones should be determined by the number of presenters and speakers and should be backed up.
(2) Requirements of microphone directivity, frequency response, equivalent noise level and overload sound pressure level.
(3) The microphone should adopt balanced output mode and it should be connected with audio shielded cable.
(4) Audio source equipment such as recorder and CD player should be equipped.

2.Speaker system requirements

(1)The loudspeaker system should be designed according to the body structure, volume, decoration and decoration of the conference hall. Determine the number, parameters and orientation of loudspeaker system.
(2)The main loudspeaker and auxiliary loudspeaker can be installed in the loudspeaker system.
(3) The main loudspeaker should be located near the venue rostrum or the main screen display, and it should meet the requirements of sound and image consistency of the system.
(4) Auxiliary loudspeakers should be set on the roof or side wall of the venue, and electronic delay equipment should be equipped in its transmission path.
(5) When the rostrum is set up in the venue, it is advisable to set up a speaker system for the rostrum to listen back.
(6) When the loudspeaker adopts the flow mode, the bracket should be stable and firm
(7)Computer-aided design should be adopted in loudspeaker system.

3. Requirements for mixer and peripheral audio equipment

(1) The mixer should be equipped with equipment with grouped output according to functional requirements, and the input and output channels should have spare ports.
(2) Distributors, equalizers, feedback suppressors, delays and other equipment should be allocated around the mixing station as required.
(3) Digital audio processing equipment can be used in peripheral audio equipment. Attention should be paid to the matching of digital and analog interfaces.
(4) According to the functional requirements, the audio matrix switcher should be configured and the standby port should be provided.
(5)Audio matrix switcher and video matrix switcher should have synchronous switching function.

4. Power Amplifier Requirements

(1) The power amplifier should be configured according to the number of speaker systems, power and other factors.
(2) The rated output power of the power amplifier should not be less than 1.50 times of the rated power of the loudspeaker driven.
(3) The output impedance and performance parameters of the power amplifier should be matched with the driven loudspeaker.
(3)The power loss of the connection between the power amplifier and the loudspeaker should be less than 10% of the loudspeaker power.

5. Requirements for monitoring and recording equipment

(1) Active listening speakers should be installed in the control room, which should be in accordance with the volume of sound changes in the venue.
(2) In the input port of the codec, it is advisable to configure a separate volume level meter. The master control room of the main venue should be equipped with multi-channel volume level meters.
(3) The system should be equipped with recording equipment.

6. Audio Codec Requirements

(1) The codec should have echo suppression function. When it does not have echo suppression function, it should be equipped with echo suppressor separately.
(2) When the audio port of the codec is unbalanced, it is advisable to convert unbalanced to balanced.
(3) There should be level matching between codec and audio circuit interface.
(4) According to the type of audio port of codec, the transmission cable with matching performance should be configured.

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