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What Equipment is Covered by the Full Digital Conference System

The equipment covered by the full digital conference system includes audio systems, video systems, digital conference systems, software systems that provide conference services and conference aids, as well as display lifting or folding systems for each seat, projection systems or public displays, screen connectors. It integrates meeting functions to a large extent: video registration, call service, voting, sending and receiving SMS, asynchronous display of documents, synchronous display of meeting materials and handwritten notes, video on demand, or real-time transmission, same screen sharing, meeting voice, etc.

The full digital conference system is the digitization of the entire conference process. It transforms conferences from traditional paper conferences to digital and mobile multimedia conferences based on tablets and smartphones. Its portability makes meetings flexible and convenient. The system can greatly improve the experience of meeting organizers and participants and can realize simple and outstanding meeting value.

The full digital conference system sold by Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. provides customers with high-fidelity, low-latency, brand-new conference solutions, and adopts a distributed architecture, simple wiring structure, and can be cascaded into a ring connection. The system is highly compatible, with simultaneous interpretation, conference discussion, personnel sign-in, voting, electronic nameplate, conference service, camera tracking, and other functions, which fully meet the digitization, modularization, integration, convenience, and intelligence of modern digital conference systems.

Full Digital Conference System

Full Digital Conference System

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