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Sound Effect Principle of Surface Mount Ceiling Speakers

Surface mount ceiling speakers are also known as ceiling speakers. Large-sized ceiling speakers have a larger diaphragm diameter, and the volume of air that is pushed will become larger and larger, and the sound pressure will be obvious. To put it simply, it is easier to agitate the air, giving people a feeling of airflow. The low-frequency response will generally be better, and the sound that people hear will also be better. Of course, it also requires the cooperation of many aspects such as amplifier and power.

Each Surface mount ceiling speaker has an iron absorption stone, and the larger the iron absorption stone, the larger the volume, and the stronger the magnetism, the higher the efficiency of the speaker. When the power is the same, the greater the loudness, the stronger the control, and this is the sound effect principle of ceiling speakers.

The surface mount ceiling speakers manufactured by Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. is an ideal choice for public places such as schools, stadiums, plaza halls, parks, parking lots, railway stations, airports, villa communities, shopping malls, and supermarkets. Its built-in size is 6.5 inches or other sizes, the driver is designed to have a wide frequency response of 50-20,000Hz, and multiple terminals can be used on different occasions, and it is made of high-quality engineering plastic, so it is durable and won't deform or fade; with no roof cuts, it is directly installed on the ceiling by spring clips or screws, which makes the driver have excellent shock absorption around, long service life, clear and loud sound. Therefore, it is trustworthy.

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