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The Convenience and Speed of Paperless Conference System is a Further Breakthrough

The conference system must adapt to and be compatible with the rapid development of information technology, the bewildering number of software products, and intelligent decision-making proposed due to the emergence of Internet, cloud computing and big data, which makes the background data and information resources grow  explosively.

The paperless conference system is mainly based on IT information management, intelligent interactive information processing to improve the efficiency of conference use, reduce the waste of non-renewable resources, and realize the paperless conference system with green environmental protection and intelligent interaction.


The paperless conference system mainly realizes the mobile conference office, cloud conference in the field of service. An innovative paperless conference mode that is developing rapidly in the field of mobile Internet. It uses innovative software technology to realize the synchronization technology of conference common words in functional application, and becomes a new mode of paperless conference system with low bandwidth flow control in the world, and pursues system reliability and network stability. It is more outstanding to reflect the core value of cloud conference products.

/uploads/image/2020/08/11/paperless-conference-system_1.png    /uploads/image/2020/08/11/paperless-conference-system_2.png

One of the basic features of the paperless conference system is that the conference room is equipped with a large screen with public video display and a seat display controlled and used separately for each seat. When selecting seat display or asynchronous display, the participants operate the intelligent terminal by themselves. At this time, the intelligent terminal is like a standard computer for independent use. Each participant can voluntarily switch between synchronous and asynchronous displays that display public signals with one click.

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