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What Requirements Promote the Rapid Development of Full Digital Conference Systems?

In recent years, with the promotion of the Internet, the market scale of full digital conference system shows a good growth trend.

The software HD video conference of full digital conference system quickly breaks through many problems such as price, deployment and technology, and greatly surpasses hardware video conference in cost performance, mobility, cooperation ability and expansion performance. It has won the trust of users with clearer, more flexible and more convenient application deployment mode. At the same time, the number of HD solutions for software has increased significantly.

The full digital conference system is a kind of equipment commonly used by some large-scale enterprises when holding meetings among managers. In recent years, the emergence of these professional video conference equipment has largely solved the problem of difficulty and high cost of enterprise meetings, and also met the various needs of the market for network video conference. It mainly includes:

1. The Need to Hold a Meeting

Before the absence of video conferencing equipment, large companies often needed to convene subsidiary leaders from all over the country to hold meetings, and pre-arranged itineraries and accommodations must be foolproof to successfully hold a physical meeting. This is not only difficult but also costly, which makes the market demand for solving this problem very high. The emergence of video conferencing equipment has become the main solution to this problem, making it a reality to hold meetings.

2. Demand for Stable Signals

A very important basis for holding a video conference is a stable signal, so that the video picture and sound can be transmitted to each branch venue in real time via the network. At present, the large-bandwidth Ethernet has basically realized the nationwide deployment. It is more important that the design of the video conferencing equipment itself must be good enough to meet the market's demand for stable signals of video conferencing equipment.

3. Requirements for User-friendly Operation

Since the people participating in the meeting are distributed in different age groups, but not everyone is very proficient in computer operations, so there is a high demand for the friendly operation of video conferencing equipment.

full digital conference system

full digital conference system

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