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How Should We View the Digital Conference System?

The digital conference system includes a digital conference discussion system, a digital conference voting system, a conference caption system, an IC card sign-in system and a conference camera tracking system, and is equipped with a complete management software. It is a set of conference equipment that integrates multiple functions, which not only simplifies the venue equipment, but also expands functions at will.

Digital conference system is a conference system which integrates computer, communication, control, multimedia, image, audio and other technologies. It is the development direction of the new generation of advanced conference system.

The value of the digital conference system is to improve meeting efficiency, speed up the meeting process, save meeting time, ensure the smooth and reliable holding of the meeting, and save meeting costs in terms of meeting cycle and labor costs, so as to achieve the goal of “high level, fast pace, and zero error ". This meets the needs of modern society for intelligence.

digital conference system

Why should we pay attention to the digital conference system?

The upgrading of digital conference system products should meet the needs of market development. The new digital conference products supported by big data and artificial intelligence can apply the functions of intelligent check-in supported by computer vision, new paperless supported by speech recognition, intelligent reading, semantic analysis, think tank and adaptive learning to the traditional intelligent conference system.

Digital conference system has changed the traditional conference mode and brought profound changes. We believe that with the further development and integration of modern communication technology and computer technology, it will penetrate into all fields of society and play an increasingly important role.

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