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Power Requirements to Pay Attention to when Using the Conference System

When using the conference system, you need to pay attention to the following power requirements:


1. When using the mobile equipment of the conference system in the conference room, special power sockets should be set up near the equipment such as monitors and cameras, and the audio and video system equipment of the conference site should be powered by the same box.

2. Conference system For the lighting of large conference rooms and important conference rooms, and the power supply of audio and video system equipment at the venue, the uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) should be used for split power supply. The air-conditioning equipment should be powered by a dual-circuit power supply.


3. The AC power supply of large conference rooms and important conference system control rooms should be powered according to the first-level load, and the control rooms of medium and small conference systems can be powered according to the second-level load. When the voltage fluctuation exceeds the normal working range of the AC power equipment, the AC stabilized power supply equipment should be used. The noise interference voltage of the AC power supply should not be greater than 100mV.

4. The conference system should be equipped with a surge protector according to the location and importance of the conference room. Since the location of the conference room in the building is often close to the outer wall, or set on the highest floor of the building, it is easy to be induced by lightning and cause equipment damage, so it is necessary to install a surge protector. However, some conference rooms are set in the inner area or basement of the building, and relatively speaking, the degree of lightning induction is much smaller. Therefore, whether to install a surge protector should be considered according to the actual situation.

5. In some buildings, there are multiple conference room conference systems, such as conference centers, etc., which need to be managed centrally from the management level. The power supply of each venue is monitored in real time.


6. Large and medium-sized conference systems should be equipped with special distribution boxes. The capacity of each branch circuit in the distribution box should be determined according to the actual load, and a certain margin should be reserved. The air conditioning system is not powered by it.

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