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Product Features of the New Generation Digital Conference System

Composition of digital conference system

Central controller: receives uplink signals (audio data from terminal microphones) from each terminal, synthesizes and processes them with broadcast audio data and local display data, and then distributes them to various terminal processors for processing;

Terminal processor: uploads local microphone (speaking) audio data, receives downstream data distributed by the central controller, processes it, and sends it to speakers and displays.

Functional characteristics of conference system


  • Maximum configurable independent terminals of 128, personalized design of terminals, each participant has independent terminals, which support conference amplification, speaking and multi-person discussion, projection playback and mobile music playback (i.e. broadcast audio data), and electronic table sign;

  • Multiple core technologies: adaptive echo cancellation technology, spatial adaptive technology, using low noise and large dynamic audio codec, high speed FPGA to complete all algorithms, high integration and good reliability, using independent network protocols to ensure the system's good security;

  • 16-bit audio processing to ensure audio quality;

  • The system combines the amplification system and electronic table sign into one;

  • The wired system has baseband transmission anti-radiation eavesdropping to ensure conference security.

Product advantages of conference system


Using independent network protocols and algorithms, personalized design allows each participant to have independent terminals for easy use; low-power amplification speakers and hidden microphones with scientific and reasonable layout facing the participants without obstruction, providing sufficient freedom in space for participants to speak and listen comfortably, and convenient conference recording.

This system is completely different from traditional conference systems in terms of technology. It fully considers the actual situation of conference applications. From system architecture to specific implementation, it reflects innovative design concepts, advanced signal processing capabilities, and high confidentiality and security. There is no similar product on the market, and it can be regarded as a model of conference systems, with strong technological competitiveness and broad application prospects.

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