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CM30 Professional Condenser Microphone


● With full anti-interference
● Anti - electromagnetic interference and anti-mobile phone interference help the microphone avoid whistling or noise from the microphone.
● With switch impact eliminated
● Some special technology is applied for eliminating noise when switching on/off the microphone. And it also avoids damage to the microphone.
● Support battery/ phantom power supply switched automatically (only for CM30)
● Two power supply mode for CM30, convenient for application.
● With good frequency, high-fidelity
● Applying a special high-quality heart-shaped and ultra-pointing to the microphone core, coupled with a reasonable electro-acoustic circuit to make frequency response more broad and flat, producing high fidelity, clear and charming voice.

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

CM30/DM30 is specially designed and made for various kinds of meeting, lectures, broadcasting, recording occasion, etc. It adopts high quality dynamic cartridge to make sure that the microphone has high sensitivity and good frequency response. CM30 is condenser microphone while DM30 is dynamic microphone. Please read the following instruction carefully before use the microphone.

CM30/DM30 is shaking-proof conference microphone with switches (including built-in switches) and instructions. It can be assembled or disassembled easily. It’s designed to put on desk. It has strict audio transmission and can match different phantom powers (Phantom power is only for CM30).  Its base is made from Integral die-cast metal, delicate and small-sized.

The base is sprayed with anti-reflective black paint. 3-pin XLR female socket and a 3-digit XLR female socket are for input. 3-pin XLR male socket is for output.







Frequency response



  Super directivity

Output impedance (ohms)




Maximum input volume

  138dB sound pressure

Dynamic range

  109 dB, 1 kHz

Signal to noise ratio

  65 dB

Working voltage

phantom 48V


Micro tube length


Base size (w * d * h)

  115 * 138 * 40 mm




  Anti-mobile phone, anti-electromagnetic

Net weight


Gross weight


Packing size


CM30 Professional Condenser Microphone

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