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Features of Paperless Conference Software System

Ⅰ. The paperless conference system is powerful

1. The design goal of the paperless discussion system is to complete the distribution and sharing of documents in internal conference room of units and groups through the network, and to realize paperless conferences. Participants can preview, and review multiple conference proposals in advance on the same interface at the same time, thereby improving conference efficiency, simplifying work steps, and speeding up office work.

2. The paperless discussion software system saves expenses and improves compatibility. This document management system does not need to install complex client programs on the client side, and has low maintenance costs. Participants can use the touch screen or mouse to work in a desktop environment. According to user requirements, they can join the conference discussion remotely or access the office OA system.

3. The paperless discussion software system has all-round file processing functions, and the paperless conference system can achieve the circulation of all conference room documents, resource information exchange, etc. Specific permission distribution and multi-layer security control mechanism ensure that users can only use authorized resources. For users with different permissions and work requests, it provides a mechanism for tasks specific to each participant. Participants can see files with their own permissions and share files.

4. The design basis of the paperless discussion software system is the deep understanding of the process in conference rooms of government agencies and enterprises, and the comprehensive consideration of the actual needs of government agencies and large and medium-sized enterprises in the distribution and sharing of conference room documents. It is a self-developed practical conference system. Software interactive users can make appropriate modifications to the software according to user needs within half a year.

Ⅱ. The paperless conference system is highly intelligent and stable

1. The control software interface of multiple equipment in the conference room is managed by the same platform: we can put the central control interface of the original conference room, the conference microphone management interface, the new relay power management interface, and the paperless conference interface on one interface in the conference server so as to complete all operations and achieve interconnection according to the requirements of the unit.

2. The paperless conference system reflects diversified support functions

(1) Support fixed desktop computers or mobile portable computers;

(2) It has the function of conference automatic sign-in, automatic downloading of conference materials, saving handwritten annotations, and speaker desktop synchronization and sharing, which fully reflects the high-intelligence characteristics of the system.

(3) With advanced network power relays, remote online current and voltage detection in regard to the operation of the equipment can be carried out to ensure the stability and detection of conference equipment in multiple links inside and outside the conference room.

Ⅲ. The paperless conference system has strong security and confidentiality

1. The paperless conference system has a complete subdivision of permissions. For example, in a confidential conference, we can decide which documents of this conference are allowed to be browsed and downloaded, and which level of personnel are allowed to browse and download, etc, after setting in advance.

3. After the conference is over, all materials are automatically deleted, which makes it easier for users to manage the conference security and improve the security and confidentiality of the conference.

Ⅳ. The paperless conference system is environmentally friendly and energy-saving

1. During the conference, a large amount of paper can be saved because the waste of paper in many intermediate links such as printing, modification, and binding of conference materials are eliminated.

2. The supporting electronic table card system also provides paperless decoration for the seat information of the participants, and the content of the seat names of the participants can be adjusted at will according to the actual needs of the conference.

3. Better save resources and labor costs. The concept of environmental protection and high intelligence contained in the paperless conference system further reflects the value of the system.

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