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D6079B 400W Remote Horn Speaker


● Two-frequency, all-weather horn speaker system;
● The chassis is made of glass and steel, with waterproof, UV-resistant and robust features;
● It features computer-optimized coaxial point source, clear sound, rich sound levels and delicate treble;
● The low frequency unit uses a compressed horn converter to increase the sound pressure level and transmit over a long distance.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

Applications:Professional Performance Sites; Various Meeting Rooms; Mobile Performances Stages; Square, Shopping Mall;



Unit Structure

15" bass×1,

3" treble×1

Frequency Response (-10 dB)

85 Hz - 18,000 Hz

Sensitivity (Converted to 1m, 1W)


Maximum Sound Pressure Level


Input Resistance

Rated Power


Directivity (H×V)


Dimensions (H × W × D)




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