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DSP6609 Multifunctional Lecture Pendant iTeach Speaker System


● Simple and beautiful appearance, high-quality engineering plastics, durable and reliable.
● Adopt 2.4G frequency matching with a larger range and stronger anti-interference ability.
● UHF transmission and DPLL multichannel frequency synthesis.
● Digital signal processing (DSP) technology and digital audio power amplifiers for clear sound reinforcement.
● Built-in four full-range speaker units, with clear and bright sound, high-quality tone and high sensitivity.
● Built-in Bluetooth for wireless transmission, and direct control of the speakers via the remote controller.
● The pen transmitter can be used as a conference microphone and can be placed directly into the jacket pocket.
● The pen transmitter is powered by a AAA battery. MINI USB charging interface for the rechargeable battery, which can be charged through computer power or mobile phone charger.
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The iTeach Series is developed by our company, which integrates iTeach speaker, iTeach microphone and iTeach receiver. The series of products are characterized by beautiful appearance, complete function, high sensitivity and clear sound.It can be used in classrooms, conference rooms and other places with higher requirements for sound quality and functions.

DSP6609 Multifunctional Lecture Pendant iTeach Speaker System

DSP6609 Multifunctional Lecture Pendant iTeach Speaker System

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