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What Audio Equipment Should A Conference Room Have?

1. Microphone

Microphones are indispensable in meeting rooms. It is the most important sound collection device. Collect the voices of meeting participants through microphones, and then broadcast them out of the speakers to achieve the effect of amplifying the sounds. There are many types of microphones, and desktop conference microphones are generally used in conference rooms.


2. Power amplifier

The power amplifier is very simple to understand. The power amplifier enlarges the sound collected by the microphone, sends it to the speaker, and the speaker emits it in the venue. At the same time, it also achieves our goal of deploying audio equipment in the conference room. It is impossible to hear clearly when speaking in a large conference room, and the audio equipment can amplify the sound.


3. Speaker

The speakers, one of the conference room audio equipment used in the conference room are similar, but amplify the sound in the room. The choice of speakers is also diverse. Brand and price are just a few factors. Choose products with suitable power according to the size of the meeting room. According to the deployment method, you can also choose floor-standing speakers, ceiling speakers and other products. This needs to be configured according to the overall design requirements of the conference room.


4. Mixer

In complex conference room applications, multiple audio sources and different audio input devices may be involved. For example, wired microphones and wireless microphones may be involved, voices of video conferences may be involved, and a film may need to be played temporarily during the conference. This requires the mixer to control these audio frequencies and map different audio sources to different inputs of the mixer. In this way, the audio source of each channel can be flexibly controlled, the audio size can be adjusted, and the effect can be increased.


5. Audio processor

Audio processor is an integrated audio processing unit. It is not necessary to use an audio processor in a simple meeting room solution. However, high-level audio processors can replace many devices, providing signal processing, microphone mixing processing, echo suppression, speaker equalization processing, noise control, and even part of the power amplifier's functions.


Therefore, a conference room should be equipped with basic audio equipment such as microphones, amplifier speakers, mixers, audio processors. The five conference room audio equipment mentioned above are all sold at Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.! Everyone is welcome to come and buy!

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