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DSP8030 Coaxial In-ceiling Speaker with 8 Inch Driver


● Adopt the stylish ultra-narrow design, combined with the RAL white coating, to be perfectly integrated into any indoor occasion.
● The 8ʺ woofer and magnetic circuit with a special process of engineering plastics, PP injection drum paper, waterproof surface, and optional rear cover for stronger low-frequency sound.
● Coaxial 1ʺ tweeter with clear and bright treble. Treble diffractive loading provides wide and uniform coverage.
● Meet IEC 268-5 power handling capability (PHC) standard, which can work continuously for 100 hours at rated power. Simulated Acoustic Feedback
● Exposure (SAFE) test, which can withstand twice the rated power in a short time. It ensures high reliability of the speaker under extreme conditions, prolongs the service life and significantly reduces the occurrencechance of failure or performance degradation.
● Rotary movable clip design, easy installation, durable and reliable.

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This product is a coaxial two-way ceiling speaker, with a wide diffusion angle, large output power, easy installation, and super-strong reproduction of voice and music. It is an ideal choice for you to install the ceiling speaker with superior sound quality.

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