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What Are the Characteristics of the Conference Sound System Design

On the premise of meeting the national standards, we should try to meet the needs of customers to the maximum extent. To ensure that acoustical specifications of these venues meet the specified requirements, so that the design of conference sound system of each venue can meet the following characteristics:


1. Advancement of conference sound system

The system adopts advanced and practical technology, intelligent conference products with perfect functions and first-class equipment, which is moderately advanced in technology. The whole conference sound system reflects the development level of today's intelligent conference system technology, in line with the future development trend. It can keep its leading position in technology for quite a long time in the future.


2. Maturity and practicability of conference sound system

Each subsystem shall adopt advanced, applied, mature and reliable products. At the same time, it is practical and can give full play to the function of each kind of equipment. Conference audio system can fully meet the requirements of visual management, which is easy to operate, maintain and manage.


3. Flexibility and openness of conference sound system

On the basis of meeting the current requirements and adapting to the future development of the 21st century, the conference sound system should be open and compatible, and have good interconnection and interoperability with future expanded equipment.

4. Integration and expansibility of conference sound system

In the system design, the integration of each system in the conference room should fully considered. It ensures the advanced, reasonable, extensible and compatibility of the overall structure of the conference sound system. With different sound system manufacturers and different types of advanced products, the whole system can be enriched and improved with the development and progress of technology.


5. Standardization and modularization of conference audio system

The system design and equipment configuration are carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national and regional standards, and the subsystems are structured and standardized according to the requirements of the overall structure of the conference sound system, comprehensively reflecting the advanced technology in the world today.

6. Safety and reliability of conference audio system


The importance of safe and reliable equipment and systems operating in the conference room is deeply understood. Therefore, safety and reliability always come first in equipment selection and conference sound system design. Mature and reliable equipment and accessories with stable performance are selected. Redundancy design is adopted for key parts of the system, with high fault tolerance and strong anti-interference ability. Problems such as anti-static, noise and strong electric shock are solved in equipment selection, material selection and construction scheme.

7. Service and convenience of conference sound system

In order to meet the needs of various functions in the conference room, the conference sound system should fully reflect the safety, advanced, reliable, convenient and efficient requirements for managers and users.

8. Economy of conference sound system

Under the premise of advanced, reliable and high performance price ratio of conference audio system, the most economical target should be achieved through optimization design.

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