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What Are the Application Areas of the Conference System of Mobile Internet Technology

1. Remote business conference application of digital conference system

The conference system is the most common and most widely used. It is suitable for some large group companies and wholly foreign-owned enterprises to gradually use electronic conference methods to organize some business negotiations, business management and remote internal company conferences when business activities are soaring.

2. Distance education application of digital conference system

Use digital conferences to carry out teaching activities, so that more and a larger range of students can listen to the teaching of excellent teachers. It is popular in the United States and Europe. Many universities have established their distance education networks. Millions of students receive education through interactive digital conference systems. In addition, distance training is getting more and more attention in major companies.

3. Telemedicine application of digital conference system

Use the digital conference system to realize the consultation between the central hospital and the basic-level hospitals, guide the treatment and nursing, and provide medical training for the basic-level medical staff. High-quality digital conference services make it possible for doctors to work together in different places at the same time. Telemedicine is of great significance to some small and medium-sized hospitals, and thus consultation by medical experts in large hospitals can be obtained.

4. Project collaborative work application of digital conference system

The digital conference system is also a very good tool for remote project management, and its outstanding feature is resource sharing. The members of the project team can collaborate remotely, so that geographically separated working groups can be organized digitally with greater efficiency and flexibility. Many large American companies and their branch offices use conference systems to realize office automation throughout the company through digital links. Related personnel can jointly modify texts and charts on the screen.

5. Government administrative conference application of digital conference system

The digital conference system is a modern, fast and cost-effective method for holding conferences. It enables immediate release of the content of superior documents, enables lower-level participants to discuss face-to-face and deeply understand the spirit of superiors, and enables superior instructions to be implemented in a timely manner. Operators use it to hold electronic conference and provide services.

It is understood that operators, terminal operators and content providers have all begun to deploy the mobile Internet market, thereby promoting the vigorous development of mobile Internet service innovation.

The company combines mobile Internet technology and electronic conference system, as well as an effective business model, thus creating a new operating mode of electronic conference system based on mobile Internet technology, which is expected to become a leader in the field of electronic conferences based on mobile Internet technology.

The ultimate beneficiaries are the majority of users. With the help of the original electronic digital conference system service model based on the mobile Internet technology, the efficient and stable operation of electronic conferences in government agencies and enterprises and institutions can be realized. Consequently, it can remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

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