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Design of Conference System for Multifunctional Hall of Office Building

With the rapid development of technology and information today, people are exposed to an increasing amount of information in their daily life and work. Therefore, the exchange of information and communication between people has become more and more frequent and more important, and today's business negotiations, academic exchanges, product demonstrations, theatrical performances and guest meetings, etc. need to use a variety of modern audio and video equipment. and other multimedia devices. With the rapid development and application of computer, communication, network and multimedia monitoring and other technologies, conference rooms can be connected with distant conference rooms to hold or participate in remote video and audio conferences.

People's requirements are getting higher and higher, and simple conference rooms can no longer meet customers' requirements for a high-efficiency conference environment. Therefore, advanced audio and video electronic conference systems are an essential system for conference rooms in today's industries. Based on the needs of various modern information exchanges, audio and video electronic conference systems have been widely used as the main technical solution for information exchange in conference rooms and multi-function halls.

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1. What is a conference system?


The conference system refers to that the participants gather together or take some communication means to hold local or remote conferences with the support of relevant special electronic conference equipment. It is an environmental system of sound field and video image in one or more languages. Not limited by time and space.

Since different meeting occasions have different requirements for meetings, the design of the conference system should set up different grades and standards of conference systems according to the positioning and needs of each conference room.

2. What subsystems does the conference system have?


Take the electronic conference system of a multi-functional hall in a comprehensive office building as an example. The multi-functional hall is mainly used for medium and large training, presentations, product promotion demonstrations, international academic exchanges, press releases and small performances.

Therefore, we put the design emphasis on the use of comprehensive functions, language sound reinforcement clarity, sound transmission gain, music playback sound quality, image restoration clarity, viewing angle and the convenience of video switching, etc., while taking into account the system's The degree of intelligent control, compatibility, reliability and scalability and many other factors are based on changeable, flexible and stable design. The following subsystems are mainly configured: sound reinforcement system, conference speech system, simultaneous interpretation system, video display system, audio and video signal switching system, video recording system and centralized control system.

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