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DSP9212 HD Video Conference Camera


● Support HDMI, 3G-SDI, LAN, CVBS output, HDMI, SDI, LAN can be output at the same time.
● Using RS232 and RS485 ports, can control the camera remotely.
● 12× optical zoom with 72.5°high-quality ultra-wide focus lens, support 16× digital zoom (Optional).
● Support H.265 encoding video conferencing camera that enables ultra-low bandwidth transmission at Full HD 1080p/60fps.
● Built-in face detection module,which can achieve face detection for PTZ tracking (optional).

  • Introduction

DSP9212 is a high-definition video conference camera with H.265 encoding, 72.5° high-quality ultra-wide focus lens, signal-to noise ratio up to55 dB, effective pixels up to 2.07 million, and support HDMI, SDI, CVBS, LAN output, meeting the user’s real face-to-face image, sound, data communication needs, which is suitable for video conference, HD recording and broadcasting, distance education, etc.

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