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DSP9203 HD Conference Record System Host


● Support 4 channel SDI inputs, 4 channel HDMI inputs, 2 channel VGA inputs, 1 channel HDMI output, 1 channel VGA output and 2 channel USB connect.
● Support 1920*1080 resolution.
● Support MP4, TS, MKV, AVI video format video recording.
● Adopt H265MP, H264HP for video encoding.
● Built-in digital intelligent audio processing module, realize high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency sound effect without external audio processor equipment.
● Support one-click guide, the guide mode supports manual, fully automatic mode, the two modes can be switched arbitrarily.

  • Introduction

DSP9203 HD conference recording system host is designed with an embedded framework, which does not accept the server and PC architecture, and do not need to use encoding box, stable and durable. It includes local broadcast and online broadcast, recording, live broadcast, on-demand, video management, user management and digital audio, amplifier function for an integrated design. The appearance of the product is beautiful and thin, easy to install, and the signal processing efficiency and stability are improved.

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