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HD8101 4K HD Video Conference Terminal


● Designed to be separated with camera; desktop or rack-mounted; an ideal solution for large and medium-sized conferences, such us executive meetings, business meetings and remote training;
● Supports 4K30FPS conference, which can achieve ultra-HD 4K effect in ultra-low bandwidth;
● Supports new H. 265 codec technology, which reduces bandwidth consumption and improve image clarity. 4K30FPS conference can work at 2M bandwidth (1080P60FPS conference can work at 1M bandwidth);
● Supports built-in MCU function; and supports the maximum
● 6-channel 1080P30 asymmetric bandwidth.
● With excellent dual-stream capability (one 4K30FPS and one 1080P60FPS, or two 1080P60FPS), which can realize real-time sharing of high-definition data such as documents and video in different forms;
● Supports remote management by visiting WEB page, and support 2.4G remote control for TV UI operation.

  • Introduction

The split UHD conference terminal with H.265 encoding and decoding capabilities, providing 4K UHD mainstream and HD dual stream.

Provide 2.4G remote controller and web login setting for conference control; support high-definition auxiliary stream input for quick collaboration extension; equipped with rich audio and video interfaces for rapid integration and deployment. It is an ideal choice for remote interactive communication in large and medium-sized conference rooms, administrative offices and remote education.

H.265 encoding and decoding capabilities for up to 4K*2K 60fps UHD dual-stream experience; combined with DSPPA unique audio and video compression technology for saving 45% bandwidth and improving video quality; support AAC broadband voice and provide high-fidelity speech effects with unique echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies; equipped with rich audio and video interfaces for flexible conference room integration and multi-screen extension.

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