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Network-controlled Wireless Public Address System

Ⅰ. What is network-controlled wireless public address system?

The network-controlled wireless public address system is developed on the basis of "Internet +" technology. It transmits control commands and audio signals through a local area network or wide area network, and forms a broadcasting system with the network-controlled wireless public address system terminals and transmitters. In the past, there was a problem that the distance between the management software and the transmitter was very close (within 5 meters), and the problem that one set of control software could not manage multiple transmitters (multiple wireless broadcasting systems).

wireless public address system

Ⅱ. The main functions of the network-controlled wireless public address system

1. The wireless public address system supports operation in a wide area network or a local area network environment, and realizes the control of the wireless data broadcasting system's timing, fixed point and zone, and point-to-point arbitrary zone grouping;

2. The maximum number of controllable terminals reaches 1,000;

3. Support real-time voice broadcast, instant play and task play at the same time;

4. Support playing different tasks to different terminals at the same time;

5. The use of aac audio format for data transmission can effectively reduce bandwidth;

6. It can manage each wireless receiving point;

7. You can view the online status of the terminal and transmitter in real time;

8. You can send text to the receiver, modify the receiver frequency, and modify the volume.

wireless public address system

wireless public address system

This management software has the functions of timing tasks, real-time playback, text transmission, terminal management, cloud server connection, basic settings, and voice real-time broadcast for the transmitter and wireless receiver under the control of the network control terminal, which can easily realize the effective point-to-point management of the transmitters and wireless receivers under the control of the remote network control terminal without geographical restrictions, breaking through the single transmission mode under the restriction of the geographical environment of wireless broadcasting. It plays an important role in the centralized control of large-scale wireless public address systems such as villages, hundreds of counties, tourist attractions, universities, and headquarters management.

wireless public address system

wireless public address systemwireless public address system

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