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Simple Wireless Emergency Broadcast Solution for Quarantine Area

Simple Wireless Emergency Broadcast Solution for Quarantine Area

1. Solution Description

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden COVID-19 epidemic is spreading across the world, seriously threatening the lives, health and safety of the general public. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, China has activated the first-level public health emergency response, one of which is to distance all suspected patients screened through epidemiological investigations who have had close contact with infected patients with COVID-19, and get them under testing and medical observation. With stable performance and perfect sound quality, the MP30W wireless broadcasting system of high integration is applied to a temporarily constructed centralized quarantine area in Wuhan. Besides, it is easy to install with lightweight and simple design. It has played an excellent role in the fight against the epidemic.

2. Features

The system adopts wireless transmission mode without pre-wiring, and it can be used immediately when powered on, with beautiful sound quality, strong penetration of wireless signal, and stable transmission, and easy to install and operate

3.Connection Diagram

4. Attainable Functions

§. Daily broadcasting:Broadcast relevant informationonthe epidemic every day, and release related systems in the quarantine area, andbroadcast notices.

§. Commandand deployment: The commander in the quarantine area issue orders throughthewireless broadcasting systemto direct,assignmedical staff andworking personnelto carry out various operations in an orderly manner. In the event of an emergency,he can direct therelevant personnel to deal with the problems in a prompt manner.

§. Background music:The wireless broadcastingsystemcan be used as a background musicbroadcastingsystem in daily life. It can allow people in the quarantine area to enjoypleasantmusics and relax themselves under thecomfortable environment.

§. High integration:The system host optimizes the audio devices ofthe traditional public broadcasting system, including theBluetooth player, MP 3 player, digital recorder, pre-amplifier,Karaoke processing reverberator, conferencedesktopmicrophone andaudio digital wireless transmitter,into atinymicrophone broadcasting device (the system host), which does not require a special broadcast cabinet and can be placed directly on the desktop,easy to move withlightweight,savingspace and equipment for the resource-constrained quarantine area.

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