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DSPPA Phased Array Column Speaker

DSPPA Phased Array Column Speaker

When the traditional column speaker needs to change the main beam radiation direction (sounding direction), it is required to adjust the installation angle (tilt) of the column speaker mechanically. The phased array column speaker is a column speaker product that adjusts the radiation direction of the main beam through electronic technology and digital processing technology (DSP). It can change the direction of the main beam of the column speaker in a fixed and vertical installation direction with a handheld remote controller, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional column speaker, such as unsightly appearance and difficulty in free adjustment.
The traditional column speaker needs to be processed into different shapes such as convex cambered surface, concave cambered surface, and inclined surface to control the directivity, and the directivity cannot be adjusted. On the contrary, the phased array column speaker can flexibly adjust the directivity (vertical radiation angle) with a handheld remote controller.
The phased array column speaker has built-in sound processing, such as a built-in digital equalizer, which can effectively improve the sound quality. It has the characteristics of good sound quality, high performance, easy to use, easy to install, etc.
DSPPA combines its proprietary electronic technology and digital signal processing (DSP) technology to develop the DSP1501/DSP1502 series of indoor active line array speakers. This innovative speaker can use a PC or mobile phone to log in to the web control interface to set the angle and width of the beam, so that it can accurately align the direction of the audience without changing the installation position.
Working Principle:

DSP1501/DSP1502 Series:

The phased array column speaker (model DSP1501/DSP1502) developed by DSPPA has unique advantages in various long-term reverberation sound reinforcement occasions: it adopts digital audio processing technologies such as DSP and FPGA, which can use a PC or mobile phone to log in to the web interface in the scene to control and adjust various parameters. For example, by adjusting the radiation angle of the sound beam, the coverage area of the sound beam can be controlled, which can effectively reduce the loss of consonant clarity; in each sound reinforcement occasion, the column speaker only needs to be installed vertically against the wall or column, no need to be tilted, and is very coordinated with the environment. It can be controlled by logging in to the web interface with a PC or mobile phone to freely change the radiation direction of the sound beam so as to directly cover the audience area; it can also be controlled by adjusting the built-in EQ (frequency equalization) function of the phased array column speaker so as to enable the church to achieve the best transmission frequency characteristics, suppress the howling of the sound reinforcement, and improve the sound transmission gain; at the same time, with built-in high-efficiency digital function, it only needs a program source when used, no need to configure complicated audio peripheral equipment. Because of the advantages of phased array column speaker, it is widely used in various sound reinforcement occasions such as churches, auditoriums, conference halls, etc., which can effectively reduce sound energy loss and improve speech intelligibility.

PC or mobile phone login web interface control - freely change the sound beam radiation direction and adjust EQ (frequency equalization) effect diagram:

The vertical beam width is adjustable with an increment of 1°. Within the range of +/-45°, the vertical beam steering angle can be adjusted from -45° to +45° with an increment of 1°.

Phased Array Directional Speaker Sound Field

With unique characteristics, DSPPA innovative phased array column speaker is easy to install and can be applicable to a variety of applications, including churches, airport terminals, studios, waiting halls, etc

Phased Array Column Speaker Features:
● Active line array speaker with built-in digital power amplifier
● Digital Directivity Control (DDC)
● Disperse angle: Horizontal >120°, Vertical<50°
● Support both AUX input and 70V±10V input
● Built-in DSP signal processor, assure excellent sound effect
● Elegant design, suitable for airport & church, etc.
● Wireless control via web interface
● Support 15 bands digital EQ adigital amplifier

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