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MAG6183C Compact IP Network PA System for School

MAG6183C Compact Network PA System for School

System Overview
School Broadcast Description
● School Broadcast System is a kind of broadcasting system established inside the school, which transmits sound signals to all corners of the school, including classrooms, offices, playgrounds, cafeterias and other places through audio signal transmission equipment. The main function of the School Broadcast System is to provide services such as information transmission, emergency notification, music playback and other services for the school.
● School Broadcast System is an important hardware infrastructure of the school, through broadcasting, the school can play radio exercises, eye exercises, flag-raising music, music bells, appreciate famous songs,  conduct moral education and foreign language teaching, broadcast radio programs, etc., so as to cultivate the students to create a good campus environment. It can be said that every day of the school's daily work is inseparable from the broadcasting system.
● The School Broadcast System is a very practical campus device that can provide various services within the school, facilitating the life and work of students and staff.

Requirements Analysis
The public address system is designed to meet the following major functional requirements.
● Information dissemination: use background music to broadcast school information, national news, etc.;
● Timed broadcast: use the public address system to play relaxing background music to create a relaxed and pleasant environment;
● Multi-sound broadcast: using the public broadcasting system, different landscape areas can play different sound sources and can be synchronized;
● Message broadcast: use the public address system to realize the daily broadcast notice, paging and other service broadcast;
● Emergency broadcast: when an emergency occurs, it can play emergency broadcasting information in time, and quickly play the role of emergency evacuation of the crowd.

Design Objectives
● Simple Broadcast System,  it does not require complex operation and is a ready-to-use, easy to operate.
● Simple installation, convenient construction, safe and stable.
● When designing the speaker layout, it is also necessary to take into account the quantity, position, angle, height and other factors of the speaker to ensure that the sound can evenly cover the entire use area.

Function Advantages 1
MAG6183C(Compact Network PA System Host)

● The small-size design occupies 2U cabinet space to save cabinet space.
● The host adopts a low-power design, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and help improve the stability and lifespan of the device.
● The compact network PA host has a simple and beautiful appearance, and its compact shape design can effectively reduce the clutter of wires and equipment, making the entire working area more neat and orderly.

Function Advantages 2
Supports offline use when the network is disconnected
When the network is disconnected, insert an SD card with the server timing point in the network amplifier in advance, and provide the audio source at a given time point. Please ensure that the scheduled tasks set by the server are announced on time, which will not affect the live ringtone, the equipment operates normally.






















Function Advantages 3
● The network playback terminal is a fully digital analog-to-digital conversion signal processor based on TCP/IP transmission protocol. The remote audio data stream can output the audio signal through the product, and there is a built-in 2×20W digital power amplifier, connected to two fixed impedance (4Ω) speakers separately, and the host is connected to achieve intelligent control.
●  It can be coupled at any place with access to the network, supports LAN Internet adaptive and does not need to re-upgrade the program under the Internet.

Function Advantages 4
●The network playback terminal is a fully digital analog-to-digital conversion signal processor based on TCP/IP transmission protocol and can be intelligently controlled by the host. The remote audio data stream can output the audio signal through the product.
Cabinet-Style Panel

●1U cabinet design, up to four one-way audio output terminals can be spliced and installed on the cabinet to become a four-channel output terminal, saving cabinet space.

Function Advantages 5
MAG6106C MAG6106CG MAG6106L
●Network indoor speakers are modern network playback terminals based on TCP/IP transmission protocol, in which the fully digitized analog-to-digital conversion signal processor is combined with high-fidelity speakers to realize the integrated design of the processor and speakers. The remote audio data stream can output audio signals through this machine and directly emit sound from the speaker.

●MAG6106C: Network indoor main speaker, built-in 2 × 20W digital amplifier, with auxiliary speaker interface, without Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G headset microphone.
●MAG6106CG: Network indoor main speaker, built-in 2×20W digital amplifier, with auxiliary speaker interface, with Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G headset microphone.
●MAG6106L: Network indoor auxiliary speaker, rated impedance 4Ω, rated power 20W.

Layout Diagram

● Classroom point-to-point broadcast and local broadcast.
● Sub-control management and remote broadcasting.
● Background music playing and ringing function.
● Classroom terminal backup function.

System Architecture

Solution Configuration Description
● Adopt a cabinet 2U server without a monitor, which is well debugged before leaving the factory and not directly used on it, thus reducing the equipment loss caused by the direct operation of users on the server; So that the lifespan of the server can be prolonged. The desktop computer placed on the console is used to install the remote broadcast client, which is convenient for users to operate and use.
● Fire Linkage, The expansion box is connected to the fire linkage module, and the expansion box is connected to the local area network, which can reduce the distance of the fire signal line and place it nearby. It can also access the audio acquisition module to capture audio sounds.
● The paging microphone, desktop computer, and monitor speakers can be placed on the broadcast operation stations, which are able to call notifications and operation to play music. The network indoor speaker will monitor the sound played by broadcast tasks in real time.
● In the classroom, the system adopts network wall mount speaker, providing three-dimensional audio, and it also comes standard with Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G headset microphone,  which is convenient for teachers to teach and supports the mode of one teacher holding one microphone. In the teachers office, the network wall mount speakers are utilized for monitoring ringtones and notifications, without Bluetooth and wireless 2.4G headset microphone.
● In the corridor, using the 6W ceiling speaker, design two speakers with a spacing of 8-12 meters, a total of three floors, 4 speakers per floor. In the outdoor area, using 4 waterproof column speakers with adjustable power knobs (Max. 30W), design two speakers with a spacing of 20-30 meters. The actual quantity can be adjusted according to the installation site.
● In the playground, using the waterproof column speaker (Max. 80W), design two speakers with a spacing of 45-55 meters. The actual quantity can be adjusted with reference to the actual size of the site and the installation method.

System Advantages
● DSPPA MAG6183C Network PA System is a highly integrated and intelligent public address system based on computer network technology. The system adopts full digital transmission and takes LAN as the main transmission medium, which has the characteristics of long transmission distance, strong anti-interference, fast construction and low investment.
● The self-developed network data error correction algorithm is adopted to ensure the real-time transmission of data and the accuracy of received data, and the work is stable and reliable.
● A low-cost network public address system has a high product utilization rate and reduced equipment loss, thus improving the lifespan of devices.

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