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Middle School PA Solution

This is a "6+1" addressable public address solution. It can be applied in campus to meet the needs of public broadcasting. It can realize the ensured functions of public address such as emergency broadcast, business announcement, and background broadcast. The main control host can be placed in the control room while the loudspeakers can be placed in appointed places like corridors, toilets, parking lots, etc. It supports remote paging and can be controlled by remote computer via network.


Zone management, can set up 1000 zones, can group the zones as required;

Emergency announcement, real time voice broadcast with the emergency microphone;

Background broadcast, play background music in different zones;

Business announcement, can broadcast announcement, news and other voice message to appointed zones;

Remote control and monitor, can send demands to the control host in any place and monitor the running programs via network

Remote paging, realize remote paging with the call station;

Intelligent program timing;

Automatic data backup and recovery;

Remote controlled by computer via network.

Middle School PA Solution

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