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Classroom+DSPPA iTeach Audio System

With the rapid development of education intelligence, more primary and secondary schools are paying more and more attention to teachers' teaching sound reinforcement equipment. Without good sound reinforcement equipment, teachers' throats is vulnerable to be hoarse in teaching lectures, and long-time and high-intensity lectures makes throat disease an occupational disease for teachers, and students are easy to get confused as they can not hear clearly. Therefore, the teaching sound reinforcement system came into being. It is expected that through the sound reinforcement equipment, the teachers' voice in teaching lectures will be enhanced and amplified, so as to bring a better audio-visual experience to the students and better protect the teachers throats.

Disadvantages of traditional teaching sound reinforcement system

1. Use the fixed microphone on the podium, which restricts the scope of activities of the teacher, so that the teaching can not reach the ideal effect.
2. Wearing different transmitters on the teacher increases the burden on the teacher, who cannot teach students in a relaxing and free environment.
3. The system is prone to howling, and this teaching process is easily interrupted by those sudden noises.
4. The classroom sound reinforcement is not uniform, with loud sounds for some places and low sounds for other places, and students are easily tired when listening to the class.
5. Due to the wide frequency response of the dynamic microphone, some frequency bands that do not need to be amplified in the classroom are amplified, resulting in unclear sound.

In response to the above problems, the concept and demand of “One teacher with one MIC” came into being. With the development and popularization of 2.4G technology, teaching sound reinforcement system has been an ideal solution to a certain extent, without complicated connection, interfering crosstalk, pairing trouble or distorted noises. 2.4G wireless microphones can be automatically matched at will, and multiple classrooms can be used at the same time without crosstalk. As an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, it has several practical advantages, such as compact design, light in weight and long battery endurance life, and has been widely recognized by the industry.

Therefore, DSPPA R&D team has spent more than one year understanding the functional requirements of our customers and has adjusted the function algorithm of the DSP chip many times to create a new era of teaching sound reinforcement system - Unique 360° omnidirectional 2.4G wireless teaching sound reinforcement system.

360° omnidirectional pendant speaker DSP6609 used for new generation 2.4G wireless iTeach audio system, with the working principle as shown below:

2.4G Wireless Microphone D6626C:

360° Omnidirectional Pendant Speaker DSP6609:

Installation Diagram:


2.4G wireless teaching audio loudspeaker with microphone
Built-in 4x10W/@4Q digital amplifier, high efficiency
Built-in 2.75"x4 full frequency driver unit ,Support max 99 channels
Priority: Mic>Bluetooth>AUX
Pairing type 2.4G, transmission type UHF ,With DSP technology, better sound effect
Support blue-tooth for wireless transmission
Support Infrared remote controller, easy to operate
Working time of microphone is around 4 hours
The wireless microphone is powered by one AAA battery, easy to carry
The same microphone could be used in different classroom with no crosstalk
Speaker pendant bracket distance could be adjusted from 18cm to 33cm

Performance Parameters:

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