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D7301 5G WiFi Conference System

D7301 5G WiFi Conference System

System Introduction

5G WIFI Encrypted Wireless Conference System adopts 5.8GHz communication band with stronger anti-interference capability, providing greater bandwidth and transmission speed. Based on the ARM9 embedded system platform, the system adopts high-performance DSP digital audio processing technology and high-fidelity line design, and combines advanced control technology with audio processing technology to realize digital and visualized audiovisual conference system.

5G WiFi  Conference System integrates function settings such as conference speech, discussion and voting, terminal equipment status detection and management, automatic camera tracking system and emergency alarm functions, as well as a variety of conference modes to realize conference recording.

The conference system is composed of the host D7101, conference mics, 5G WiFi encrypted wireless conference router, 5G WiFi wireless conference mic special charging box, camera, etc.

5G WiFi Conference System Diagram

Small Conference System:
Conference Units + Pro Sound Reinforcememt System

Medium and large conference rooms:
With voting, sign-in, automatic camera tracking function and simultaneous interpretation system

5G WiFi Conference System  & Central Control System Diagram

Multifunctional conference hall:
Conference unit system + video matrix system + central control system + professional sound reinforcement system. With automatic camera tracking, video switching function, one-touch control of  lighting, air conditioning, curtain switch, etc.

D6201 Intelligent Conference System & Central Control System

5G WiFi Conference System  Highlight Functions

5G WiFi Conference System  Highlight Functions

Product Features

D7101 Full Digital Conference Host

● With 4.3" HD touch screen.
● With built-in high-performance ARM processor, high fidelity, high SNR ratio.
● With DSP digital audio processing technology, low frequency cut and equilizer.
● With 5 speech modes; conference check-in; voting; speech timing and reminder countdown.
● Integrate automatic camera tracking technology, hot backup function, and conference recording.
● Support automatic detection and remote control.
● Adopt 5.8GHz communication band, with stronger anti-interference capability.
● Support 6 mics to be opened synchronously, support internal two-way talk, and seamless docking with Central Control System.

D7321 5G WiFi Chairman MIC with Voting Function
D7322 Delegate MIC with Voting Function

1. With voting and sign-in function
2. Built-in 1.5W speaker unit
3. With 3.5mm headphone jack
4. With LCD screen to display ID, voting and sign-in results, etc.

● With built-in UHF wireless receiving chip for unit monitoring conference audio.
● Adopt 128-bit AES digital encryption technology, with WAP/WAP2 secure connection, MAC address filtering, and hidden SSID security to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access.
● With high-fidelity sound quality, wireless unit supports up to 6 mics to be opened synchronously.
● Can be used as a chairman/delegate/VIP mic, and the chairman one has priority function; can set time-limited speech, so when the time is up, it will remind the user or automatically turn off the mic, and a prompt tone can be set.
● With the function of shutting down all WiFi units with one click. This machine can obtain real-time information of WiFi signal strength and current battery power for remote comprehensive hardware monitoring on the PC.
● With built-in speaker, 3.5mm dual headphone jack design, and adjustable volume.
● Powered by Lithium battery, which can be charged through the USB interface.
● Adopt short condenser microphone, with 7-band EQ adjustment function (adjustable on PC software) to adjust different sound effects according to the speaker's voice characteristics until the perfect effect is achieved.
● No wiring required, easy to install, easy to use and maintain, no longer limited by venue, space, and wiring.
● Adopt 1000mAh Lithium battery, with charging time less than 3.5h, and support continous speaking for 8h.

D7323 Chairman MIC without Voting Function
D7324 Delegate MIC without Voting Function

1. Built-in 1.5W speaker unit
2. With 3.5mm headphone jack

● Adopt 2.4″ OLED screen to display voting results, volume, microphone status, power state, WiFi status, etc.
● With wide viewing angle, with high contrast 128 × 64.
● With built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, 10000mAh battery capacity for continuous speaking for more than 8 hours.
● Adopt 128-bit AES digital encryption technology, with WAP / WAP2 security connection, MAC address filtering, and hidden SSID to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access.
● High directivity microphone, with pop shiled, and LED indicator ring, red for speaking and green for waiting.
● D7323 is a chairman microphone, with first priority button.
● D7324 is a delegate microphone, unrestricted by location, and supports check-in function.
● With minimum delay of less than 20ms; support non-compressed audio transmission.
● With 48K sampling rate, digital control, high quality of audio transmission.
● Adopt 1000mAh Lithium battery, with charging time less than 3.5h, and support continous speaking for 8h.

D6284  High Definition Camera

● 2.14 megapixel; 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor.
● Support H.265 and H.264 network video encoding.
● Support full HD 1080P60 video output.
● Support 3G-SDI and HDMI HD video output. 20x optical zoom, maximum wide angle 59.5°; 12x optical zoom, maximum wide angle 72.5°.
● Support dual stream, and support multi-level video quality configuration.
● Support 1-channel audio input and 1-channel audio output.
● Support MAX. 64G TF card for local storage.
● Precise driving system, with accurate positioning and stable operation.
● Support multiple protocols and control interfaces, support daisy-chain networking.
● With a multi-functional IR remote controller.
● With built-in Chinese&English operation menu.
● With smart AE technology to effectively avoid the interference of complicated lights from projectors, TVs, etc.
● Support desktop/ceiling/wall mount installation.

D7341  5G WiFi Wireless Router

1. The WiFi signal coverage of the D7341 is centered on the installation location of the D7341, with a radius of 10m.
2. Each D7341 can support up to 50 5G WiFi conference mics. When there are more than 50 mics, it is required to add another D7341.
3. The system can support up to 300 5G WiFi conference mics.
4. The system supports up to 6 D7341 cascading, and Cat-5/6 can be used for cascading among multiple D7341.
● Adopt WPA / WPA2 digital encryption technology to ensure conference confidentiality and avoid malicious interference.
● Compliance with IEEE802.11ac Wave-2 / A / B / g / N wireless standard.
● Support multiple frequency point selection: UHF, 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
● With two RJ45 interfaces, 1 channel connected to D7101  conference host, while another connected to AP.
● Recommended connecting cable: high quality cross CAT5/6 cable.
● With external four-antenna design for more stable data transmission.
● In complex environments, it can support signal coverage of radius of 25 meters; under normal circumstances, it can support radius of 30 meters.
● Maximum power consumption: 15W; size: 188 ×188 ×40mm; net weight: 0.5kg.

D7311  5G WiFi Conference Microphone Charger

1. D7331 can charge 10 conference mics simultaneously, which can be fully charged in 3-4h.
● Support fast charging, 9V for fast charging USB port output, 5V for slow charging output.
● 1000mAh Lithium battery of the microphone, charging time of less than 3.5 hours.
● It can charge up to 10 microphones at the same time.
● Comply with QC3.0 protocol.
● Max. power consumption 200W.
● Power input: AC 100V-240V/50Hz/60Hz.
● Dimensions: 197x197x47mm.
● Net weight: 1.3kg.

Conference MIC Pole

● Used in the Mic units of D62 Series
● Intelligent Conference System
● Cardioid condenser microphone
● High density 5-pin interface
● Two-color (red/green) indicator
● Length: 415mm

● Cardioid directivity condenser microphone.
● High-desity 5-pin aviation interface.
● With two-color (red/green) opening and working indicator.
● Length: 186mm。
● If there is no special requirement, D626C is provided.

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