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Application of the Distributed Central Control System D6601

Application of the Distributed Central Control System D6601

1.Solution Description
With the demand for conference environment and equipment, technology and intelligence gradually become the primary elements of multimedia conference. To this end, DSPPA has developed a set of centralized control system, which integrates centralized control of lighting, equipment, projection and audio and video into one system, providing users with a simple and direct control interface, so that users can easily grasp the status and functions of each equipment, reducing cumbersome operation.

The DSPPA Central Control System consists of distributed central control card hosts, control panels, power controllers, various function module cards, and module expansion boxes to achieve environmental control (climate control, curtain control, lighting control), camera and projector control, projection screen and ceiling suspension control, audio-video switching control, volume adjustment, and other functions of conference rooms, which is widely used in various conference rooms, multi-function, command center, lecture hall and other venues.

2. Solution Highlight Functions

3. System Diagram:

4. Attainable Functions
1.Networked Transmission: The Interconnection can be achieved between the central control hosts through the network and the supporting function card.
2. Audio-Video Switching: Through the 8-channel control panel and the voice control panel,the audio/video of the control matrix is freely switched, ensuring the unified control and management.
Camera Tracking: Connected with digitalConference Systemto achieve camera tracking, which can provide close-ups of the speakers.
4. Projector Control: The central control panel controls the projector power switch, display screen switch via serial RS232 protocol or infrared transmitter.
5.Power Management: Projected curtain, electric curtain, HD TV and other consumer devices can be controlled and managed in a unified way, such as up and down, on and off etc.
6.Volume Control: Control and adjust the volume of the microphone, DVD, etc. of the conference room; All volume levels and numerical percentages are displayed on the touch screen, so that the user can see at a glance the volume control of the system.
7.Infrared Control: DVD, air conditioner and other devices with infrared probes can discard cumbersome remote control by infrared learning of the central control host. And then Control and manage  can be achieved with a single wireless touch screen.
8.Scene Switching: Several scenes can be set in the central control program, and one-click switching can be achieved through the wireless touch screen.
9. Light Control: Control the brightness/status of the lights.

5. System Combination of Conference Room

6. Essential Features:
Distributed Central Control System D66 Series Product Showcase:

Distributed Central Control Host D6601

Operation Interface of Distributed Central Control Host D6601

● 4.3" touch screen:
● The host has built-in1GB DDR RAM, 8GB EMMC Flash
● With Player
● With 10 slots, the modules are card-based
● Programmable control platform, programmable interface in English and Chinese
● 1 x 100Mpbs network interface, 2 x 100Mpbs network interfaces with +48V output
● Timed control of programs and controlled devices.
● The built-in intelligent infrared learning module without the need to configure professional learning.
● Wide voltage power supply (110V-240V) for any area

Module Function Card Display

The software of the distributed central control system is configured with function module cards according to the needs of clients, and then the control commands are programmed and set by logging into the Web terminal as required.
Now let's take the 4-channel strong incandescent light dimmer control as an example:

7. Application:
Mainly used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference halls, large-screen display engineering, television teaching, command and control centers and other occasions.

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