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Audiovisual Conference System&Central Control System

Audiovisual Conference System&Central Control System

1. Solution Description
Due to the demand of customers for technology and intelligence in the large-scale multimedia conferences, DSPPA has designed a central control system, which can achieve the centralized control of lighting, machines, projection, and audio and videos, with a simple and direct control interface for the users to easily grasp the status and functions of each device in the entire space environment, and solve cumbersome operation problems.

The conference room combines a central control system, a video matrix system, and a digital conference system to achieve the real-time switching scheduling of audio and video equipment in the conference room. The central control system can be operated with a wireless tablet, and the operation control program can be edited according to the time usage of the conference room and further downloaded to the central control host and the wireless tablet for control operation. Under the control of the wireless tablet, it can achieve the real-time control and solve cumbersome operations.

2. Solution Highlight Functions

3. System Connection Diagram

4. Attainable Functions
1. Switching control of audio and video matrix: It can support the signal switching control of video, HDMI, VGA image and audio, and support the output of the video signal source from satellite signal, camera, remote conference system, HDMI, and VGA signal, and the audio signal source from the consoles, computers, conference microphones, and remote terminals, to the audio and video terminal.
2. Projection display system/camera control: The user can easily control the switch and signal switching of the projection display system through the iPad. It can also realize the pan-tilt rotation, lens zoom, focus and other functions of the remote monitoring camera through the programming by the central control host, and output signals to various display terminals or video equipment.
3. Audio/video conference system/sound reinforcement system control: Compatible with the conference system, it can realize the audio and video signal switching of each channel in the conference system, the signal distribution status display, and the volume adjustment (tuning mode) of the audio amplification system on the iPad touch screen.
4. Infrared device control: The user can control the playback, stop, pause and other functions of all audio and video devices, such as DVD, CD, TV, and video recorder, through the iPad. You can control the entire meeting with one click, make various meeting processes smooth, and greatly improve the efficiency of the meeting.
5. Video signal processing function: The display system includes 120" main projection screen, 6500lux engineering projector; and 2 cameras D6283II, which can achieve the coordination, processing, and switching of input and output signals, and the input signal can be switched arbitrarily and combined to realize a extremely flexible signal central processing function.
6. High-fidelity sound quality, low-latency transmission: Exclusive Dante protocol integrated into the conference system, uncompressed audio transmission technology, 20Hz-20KHz perfect sound quality, 48K sampling rate; low audio transmission distortion, low-latency listening experience, can be used with any Dante equipment.
7. Conference discussion and speech function: The chairman unit has the priority to speak, which supports four conference speech modes: first-in first-out mode, normal mode, free mode, and application mode.
8. Sound reinforcement system: In terms of sound reinforcement, it focuses on the clarity of speech sound reinforcement, sound transmission gain, sound pressure level, sound field uniformity, and music playback sound quality. In addition, the professional audio processing equipment makes the language on the scene clear, no distortion and no feedback howling.

5. System Combination of Conference Room

6. Main System Functions

7. Main Devices
D6401  Intelligent Control System

● Applies the latest 32-bit embedded processor with speed up to 533MHZ;
● A large number of highly integrated co-processor chip with LAY OUT so that the system is running very stable and smooth;
● Built-in 8MB memory and 16MB of large-capacity FLASH memory in the host;
● Programmable control platform with interactive control structure;
● With 4X4 computer signal matrix switching system and VGA 15HDF interface;
● 4X4 / 5X3 / 6X2 / 7X1 (default is 4X4) composite video signal matrix switching system, with BNC interface;
● 8X4 audio signal matrix switching system, 3 pin 3.8 Phoenix plug;
● 3 programmable two-way serial port with DB9 / M interface;
● With a two-way user program download serial port and DB 9 / F interface;
● 1 NET network port;
● 8 independent programmable IR transmitter;
● 4 digital IO input and output control port with protection circuit;
● With infrared learning function;
● Audio volume 32 level digital adjustment (optional);
● Support cable / wireless touch screen;
● Front panel provides key operation, easy to operate;

2K HD Seamless Mixed Matrix

● Support 8 channels, 4-way video signal inputs and 4-way video signal outputs.
● An intelligent matrix system used for audio and video signal switching, compatible with different audio signal input / output signal cards.
● The matched signal cards: HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, AV seamless input / output signal cards.
● Support multiple signal input and output intermixing matrix switching, and provide the independent video signal and audio input and output terminal.
● Support separate transmission and switching of audio and video signal of each channel, which can minimize the signal transmission attenuation with high-fidelity image and sound signal output and can be matched with any input and output card easily.
● Support power-off protection, power-off memory, audio and video synchronization and separate switching.
● With RS232 communication port and TCP/IP (optional) control, which can be matched with the personal computer, remote control system or different kinds of remote control devices easily.
● Mainly used in the radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large screen display engineering, television teaching and command control center.

Video matrix host D6108 operation interface:

Video matrix D6108 control software operation interface:

D7201  Dante Digital Conference System Host

● Comply with the international standard IEC 60914
● Allow connection of a maximum number of 4096 conference units
● Simultaneous interpretation can be achieved by selecting 15+1 language channel and the channel can be extended to 63+1
● Limitation on number of speakers at a same time (1/2/3/4/5/6)
● 4.3" TFT display touch screen
● Can set speech units to be VIP units. And it supports up to 32 VIP units
● Support five conference modes: FIFO, NORMAL, VOICE, FREE and APPLY. Supports up to 6 units speaking at the same time
● With embedded DSP, including low cut and equalizer
● Recording of conference for the whole process and provides two recording modes, automatic recording and manual recording
● Speech timing and speech timing countdown function. With the speech timing function, the user can set a time limit for each speech or deactivate this function
● Camera tracking function through the 6 HDMI camera interfaces
● One RS232 serial port to connect the conference system to the central control system seamlessly. And one RS422 serial port for connection with camera control circuit to realize centralized control of the cameras
● Four 100 MB +48V power supply RJ45 network interfaces to offer Dante audio transmission protocol and +48V network power supply for the connected conference units. The units can be linked with each other one by one
● Two TCP/IP 100 MB RJ45 interfaces for connecting to the network. Support operate all functions of the system by PC software
● RCA ports: Two AUX inputs, for connection to audio sources, etc.; Two AUX outputs, for connection to professional amplifiers
● Two warning signal inputs, for connection to warning signals from the fire control center
● XLR ports: It is an AUX output port and is used to realize parallel output together with two AUX output of RCA ports (LINE OUT) and for connection to professional amplifiers

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