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D7201 5G WiFi Conference System

1. Solution Description
For the transformation of old conference rooms, such as multi-function halls, on-site release halls, and temporary conference venues, using the wireless conference system has great advantages, which can quickly and easily build and remove the conference system, and it is not required to damage the site layout.
With the development of touch technology and the advent of the mobile Internet era, almost everyone has a touch screen mobile phone, and the coverage of WIFI Internet makes communication more convenient and direct.
Based on touch technology and WIFI communication technology, DSPPA successfully launched the 5G WIFI wireless conference system researched and developed independently. The design of the conference unit has independent appearance patents and the original curved touch screen not only increases the viewing angle, but also conforms to ergonomics, enhancing the texture and the sense of technology.

2. Solution Highlight Functions

3. System Connection Diagram:

4. System Functions
1. High confidentiality encryption technology and highly reliable transmission technology
It adopts128-bit AES encryption technology, and supports WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology, to guarantee the confidentiality of meeting information. Using the 5GHz communication frequency band, it has stronger bandwidth and communication speed, with good resistance to electric wave and electromagnetic interference, for faster and more stable wireless signal transmission.
2. High-fidelity sound quality, low-latency transmission
It adopts uncompressed audio transmission technology, with 20Hz-20KHz perfect sound quality, 48K sampling rate; The exclusive Dante no-latency conference system seamlessly integrates with the 5G WiFi wireless conference system, which can be used with any Dante device.
3. Abundant application functions
The device supports both wired conference unit and wireless conference unit, with wireless and wired conference sign-in, conference speech, voting, speech timing, camera tracking, fire linkage, short message broadcasting, and tea application, time display, conference recording, countdown and applying for speaking.
4. Simple structure and powerful load capacity
One D7201 host, one WiFi transmitter host, and multiple wired and wireless conference microphones can form a wireless WiFi conference system. It can support ≥ 4096 wired conference units, and ≥ 300 wireless conference units more to access, and the device has a carrying capacity of up to 5,200 seats, for unified management and data processing in the background. It can be equipped with 6 high-definition cameras at the same time for automatic conference speech camera tracking.
5. Noise suppression processing:
The host is embedded with a high-performance quad-core CPU processor, adopts soft mixing digital audio processing technology, and has an ARM7 processing chip to effectively prevent sound from returning. The microphone has a built-in high-fidelity speaker, which is automatically muted when the microphone is turned on, and it is not easy to produce howling, ensuring the quality of the meeting; with 7-band EQ adjustment function (can be adjusted on the PC software), it can adjust different sound effects according to the voice characteristics of the speaker for a perfect effect. Besides, it has noise gate ANC control which can identify the human voice, AGC automatic gain control; and AFC automatic feedback cancellation.
6. Fast charging & super battery endurance life
The conference microphone adopts a large-capacity battery with long battery endurance life. The battery supports fast charging, which can shut down all WiFi units with one button, master real-time information and comprehensive hardware monitoring.
7. PC terminal control and monitoring functions
Supporting TCP/IP protocol, all functions of the system can be controlled through PC software, and status information such as WiFi signal strength and battery power of the conference unit can be obtained in real time.
8. With dual-system hot backup function
One conference host can be set as the host, and the other conference host can be set as the slave, and connected to the system. When the host encounters an accident, the slave will be automatically activated to ensure uninterrupted smooth progress.
9. 2.4" OLED display and online remote upgrade
The microphone can display WiFi signal strength, battery power, unit information, speaking timing and other status, and the host and unit support online remote upgrade functions to meet the needs of customers for later function customization, product maintenance and function optimization, which is easy for maintenance.

5. Main Devices:
D7201  Dante Digital Conference System Host

●Comply with the international standard IEC 60914
●Allow connection of a maximum number of 4096 conference units
●Simultaneous interpretation can be achieved by selecting 15+1 language channel and the channel can be extended to 63+1
●Limitation on number of speakers at a same time (1/2/3/4/5/6)
●4.3" TFT display touch screen
●Can set speech units to be VIP units. And it supports up to 32 VIP units
●Support five conference modes: FIFO, NORMAL, VOICE, FREE and APPLY. Supports up to 6 units speaking at the same time
●With embedded DSP, including low cut and equalizer
●Recording of conference for the whole process and provides two recording modes, automatic recording and manual recording
●Speech timing and speech timing countdown function. With the speech timing function, the user can set a time limit for each speech or deactivate this function
●Camera tracking function through the 6 HDMI camera interfaces
●One RS232 serial port to connect the conference system to the central control system seamlessly. And one RS422 serial port for connection with camera control circuit to realize centralized control of the cameras
●Four 100 MB +48V power supply RJ45 network interfaces to offer Dante audio transmission protocol and +48V network power supply for the connected conference units. The units can be linked with each other one by one
●Two TCP/IP 100 MB RJ45 interfaces for connecting to the network. Support operate all functions of the system by PC software
●RCA ports: Two AUX inputs, for connection to audio sources, etc.; Two AUX outputs, for connection to professional amplifiers
●Two warning signal inputs, for connection to warning signals from the fire control center
●XLR ports: It is an AUX output port and is used to realize parallel output together with two AUX output of RCA ports (LINE OUT) and for connection to professional amplifiers

Dante Digital Dante Conference System Software (PC)

5G WiFi Encryption Wireless Transmitter Host

●Adopt 5GHz communication frequency band, with stronger anti-interference ability.
●Adopt 128-bit AES encryption technology, support WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology.
●Adopt all digital transmission and processing technology, for uncompressed audio transmission.
●The system can expand the number of wireless APs by connecting to a POE network switch.
●With one-key shutdown of all wireless units.
●Support online remote upgrade.
●With abundant meeting application functions to meet the needs of daily meeting applications.
●With a large system capacity; can connect ≥4096 wired conference units, ≥300 wireless conference units.
●With dual-band wireless access point, the product adopts the latest 802.11ac solution.
●Adopt PoE power supply and ceiling-mounted design, which is exquisite and beautiful, with low space occupancy rate, simple and convenient to install and use, and integrated with the overall environment of indoor public areas.
●Adopt 802.11n and 802.11ac dual-band dual spatial stream technology to provide gigabit WiFi access up to about 1.2Gbps.

5G WiFi Conference Chairman and Delegate Microphone

●No need for wiring, easy to install, easy to use and maintain, not limited by venue, space, and wiring.
●128-bit AES digital encryption technology, with WAP/WAP2 secure connection, MAC address filtering, hidden SSID security protection, to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access.
●High-fidelity sound quality, the wireless unit supports up to 6 microphones to be turned on at the same time.
●Built-in UHF wireless receiving chip for the unit to monitor the conference audios.
●Meet all the conference function requirements of the D72 series speaking unit of the all-digital conference system. It can be used as a chairman/delegate/VIP unit, and the chairman has priority function; it can set a time-limited speech, to remind the speaker or automatically shut down the unit when the time is up, and can set a prompt tone.
●With the function of shutting down all WiFi units with one key. This machine can obtain real-time information of WiFi signal strength and current power for remote and comprehensive hardware monitoring on the PC end.
●Built-in high-fidelity speaker, dual headphone jack design, adjustable volume.
Lithium battery power supply, can be charged via USB interface.
●Short condenser microphone with 7-band EQ adjustment function (can be adjusted on the PC software), which can adjust different sound effects according to the voice characteristics of the speaker for a perfect effect.
●Support online remote upgrade.

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