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2/4/8 Channels UHF Wireless Microphone System

DSPPA new UHF wireless microphone system provides a new energy-saving mode, with automatic EQ control, tone correction and IR frequency synchronization functions. It uses high-frequency SAW filters to maximally filter out interference signals, the built-in audio compression expander circuit to greatly improve SNR, and the unique audio compressor design to effectively eliminate whistle, realizing the frequency synchronization between any receiver and any microphone in the system.
The new UHF wireless microphone system is composed of microphones and receivers. The microphones include handheld, clip, headset, and desktop microphones, while the receivers include 2-channel, 4-channel and 8-channel receivers. There are a variety of combinations for users.
There are connection diagrams for 2-channel and 4-channel wireless microphone systems, which can be used for sound amplification in KTV, stage, training room, small auditoriums and mosques.

Connection Diagram for 2-channel Wireless Microphone System

Connection Diagram for 4-channel Wireless Microphone System

The UHF 632-695.25MHz PLL frequency synthesizer technology and multi-channel high-band and mid-band frequency selective filtering can completely eliminate interference signals, with 250 channel intervals and 200 channels.
And the built-in feedback cancellation technology can effectively reduce feedback and noise. Built-in multiple noise detection circuits and TONE-LOCK system can ensure that the system has a strong anti-interference function. The best chips and components are used for perfect performance, and the SMD original installation design enhances product quality and stability.
Therefore, with high flexibility and reliability, our UHF wireless conference microphone system is an ideal choice for mobile conference systems. And it is easy to operate. With compact structure, the wireless conference microphones can be perfectly integrated into existing conference rooms without additional wiring. Besides, multiple devices can be used together. As shown below:

Connection Diagram for 2-channel Wireless Microphone System in Small Conference Room

Receiver Features:
PLL2/4/8-channel phase-locked loop design.
UHF 200-channel PLL digital lock automatic communication function.
IR frequency pairing.
Display function (display frequency, channel, squelch, level, etc.).
With volume control for each channel.
AF output (using “XLR” type socket for independent output and mixed output).

Auto Display of IR Pairing

Various wireless microphones:




Frequency Range


Modulation Method

Broadband FM

Adjustable Range


Number of Channels


Channel Intervals


Frequency Stability

Within ±0.005%

Dynamic Range


Maximum Frequency Deviation


Audio Frequency Response






Work Environment


Effective Range

150-200m (in open environment)

Package Dimensions (L×W×H)


D5841 Gross Weight


D5842/D5843 Gross Weight


D5844 Gross Weight



Wireless Interface




Spur Suppression


Display Method

Display screen

Working Power

DC12V ,600mA

Package Dimensions (L×W×H)


Machine Dimensions


Gross Weight


Net Weight


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