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D9001II Paperless Conference System

Solution Description

DSPPA paperless conference system is a paperless conference system tailored for government party and government agencies, enterprises, institutions, and large group companies. It provides powerful conference application functions, including: conference information uploading, file distribution, and file reading, document annotations, meeting check-in, voting, electronic whiteboard, document interactive transmission, video interactive transmission, meeting exchanges, information notification, meeting services, information recording, etc.; features rich functions, simple and intuitive interface, convenient operation, stable and reliable, etc. ; and it can help conference organizers greatly reduce work pressure, easily manage the meeting site, improve the meeting efficiency of participants, and save a lot of data printing costs and projection equipment, which is fully in line with the national low-carbon and environmental protection concept.

Paperless Conference System Features

Advantages of Paperless Conference System

System Connection Diagram

Attainable Functions

Before a meeting

Functional modules: According to the meeting situation, the functional modules such as personnel management, meeting agenda, topic management, meeting minutes, voting settings, conference exchanges, centralized control, and personnel arrangement can be selected, and the paperless conference terminal can be matched.
Meeting establishment: According to the meeting situation, the meeting information such as meeting topic, host, secretary, meeting time, expected end time, and meeting location can be set, and the paperless meeting terminal can be matched.
Conference presets: The system supports conference presets. Users can set up meeting information and topic documents in advance according to the meeting situation. It can support one-click start, multiple meeting information presetting, and default meeting settings.
Personnel management: Support information entry of participants, one-to-one settings, bulk import of personnel information, and personnel permission settings, which includes chairman function, broadcast permission, export permission, free check-in function, bidding permission, and file viewing permission.
Topic management: Set conference topics before the conference. It can support multiple topics to be set at the same time, topic permission settings, unlimited topic file formats including WORO, EXCEL, PPT, PDF and CAD, audio formats MP3/WMA, and image formats JPG/JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG, and support original file uploading (no secondary format conversion).
Voting management: Set the voting and voting content. The methods to set the voting: real-name voting, anonymous voting, voting by scores, custom voting, and selective voting.

In the meeting

Smart check-in: one-key access and check-in, the check-in information will be summarized and the records will be stored in the backend host automatically.
Materials distribution: Materials can be distributed during the meeting, supporting multiple types and formats of documents (documents, pictures, PPT, PDF materials), and supporting the distribution of original documents, temporary documents and fixed documents, so as to achieve paperless conference throughout the meeting.
File viewing: Display conference topic materials directly, support simultaneous display of multiple topic documents, click to search and browse files at will, support PPT dynamic playback, and support topic file viewing permission settings.
Document annotation: Annotate the conference topic files during the meeting, support one-click annotation, support original document annotation and marking functions, support original document annotation saving and auto uploading to the backend host, and support common office documents: WORD, PDF.
Electronic whiteboard: Support personal use and interactive use, support multiple people to share markings on the same whiteboard at the same time, support whiteboard archiving and loading, and support synchronization of whiteboard content to the projector.
File uploading: The panel of the paperless conference terminal has a USB interface, which can read files in the USB flash disk and upload them to the backend host.
Voting: Edit the title, options, description, and type of the voting, support one-click voting during the meeting, and support the voting terminal to output the real-time voting results to the large screen.
Signal interaction: The conference documents, electronic whiteboards, video playback, computer desktops, and file annotations can be shared to other paperless terminals with one click. It can support asynchronous browsing and speaker tracking, and support synchronous broadcast permission restrictions.
Interconnection: Can directly broadcast various high-definition images and videos in remote videos, cameras, laptops, computers and DVDs to various paperless conference terminals for simultaneous display, or broadcast videos or documents in the conference terminals to the projector or large screen simultaneously.
Asynchronous browsing: When the speaker starts the same-screen broadcast during the meeting, any paperless conference terminal can choose asynchronous browsing to exit the same-screen broadcast and enter the free template, support one-click speaker tracking to quickly enter the same-screen broadcast state, and support permission restrictions.
Conference exchanges: Any paperless conference terminal can send meeting information during the meeting, support single and multiple selection of receivers, real-time display of sent and received information, message reply and announcement release, and unified backend notification sending and individual message reply.
Conference service: Any paperless conference terminal can make service calls such as tea, stationery, personnel, and mic requesting during the meeting. . It can support personalized call service, and custom call.
Control function: Support the chairman management functions such as conference check-in, conference topics, conference voting, interactive signals and conference ending, support any conference terminal to set the chairman function, and support permission restrictions.
Chairman function: Support the conference terminal of chairman function, and support single chairman, dual chairman and multi-chairman function. The chairman has the functions of check-in initiation, automatic system check-in, unified check-in resetting, and conference control.
Meeting notification: It can support the backend to send notifications to all paperless conference terminals in a unified manner during the meeting, and send point-to-point notifications, and support the front-end conference terminals to send messages to the backend.
Backend control: The backend host can support unified control of the paperless conference terminal, including functions such as LCD lifting, power-on, power-off, and same-screen broadcast.

 After the meeting

Information record: It can record all kinds of information after the meeting, including: check-in information, voting information, document annotations, personnel information, meeting information, etc., and support one-key calling for viewing.
Information export: The meeting information can be exported to the local hard disk of the back-end host or transferred to other meeting terminals for storage.
Conference clearing: The conference materials can be cleared automatically or manually. It can support the server to automatically clear materials in all paperless conference terminals, and support the conference terminal to automatically clear all conference materials in the terminal.

 Paperless Conference Products

Topology System Diagram of Paperless Conference Products

Main Devices

Paperless Conference System Document Server

● Manages the multimedia intelligent paperless system effectively for one or more conference rooms(depending on the software)through LAN
● Improves the interactive transmission,management and information backup of multimedia paperless system
● With paperless conference system software,the server manages and distributes documents for up to 128 terminals in the conference room
● Responsible for the processing of meeting documents
● Supports the functions of signing in,voting,document projection,document matching screen and document annotation of the conference terminals
● Conference process files can be stored in the intelligent paperless conference server in real time

Intelligent Paperless Conference System Software (PC)
Software Functions:

Software Operation Interfaces:

Conference Terminal with Lifting Monitor & Mic & Nameplate 

● Paperless Conference System flip up terminal
● 15.6"IPS retina touch screen, support screen writing and signature
● Installed with DSPPA Paperless Conference System software
● Support file formats of doc, wps, ppt, exel, avi, jpg, mp3, mp4, mvb, etc.
● X86 industrial structure, motorized lifting monitor, space-saving and fashionable
● Viewable angle: horizontal 14-176°vertical 30°-150°
● Monitor adjustable angle:0-30°
● With microphone jack in the panel, customer can select and install the microphone
● With 7"electronic nameplate at rear side to display information of the conventioneer

Video Projecting Server

● Paperless Conference System projection Server 
● Connect the server with all the display devices such as projector, TV, multi screen projected wall, etc. 
● Conference secretary can preview the videos and decide which video to be played 
● Conference secretary can also play the local video or music when necessary 

Video Recorder with Encode & Decode Function 

● Paperless Conference System video recorder 
● Can realize record & play function of video & audio 
● High definition video inputs: HD-SDI (4 channels), HDMI (DVI-D), VGA 
● 2 audio inputs, 2 audio outputs 
● Support multiple screen management, support subtitle and video editing function 
● Support local control & remote control, can upload the video to cloud for sharing 

D6201  Digital Conference System Host

● Conform to IEC 60914 international standard 
● The conference host can connect to 128 conference Mic, can extend to 4096 conference Mic via extender 
● 8-pin conference cable connection, support cascaded connection 
● FIFO, NORMAL, VOICE, FREE, APPLY five conference modes 
● Support simultaneous speakers limit setting of 1/2/3/4/5/6 
● Support management of Voting and Speech Limit etc. 
● 4.3" TFT touch screen, friendly graphical interface, easy to use 
● Support VIP Mic setting (up to 30), VIP Mic can speak freely in all the 5 conference modes 
● Built-in DSP sound processor, support low-cut, frequency-shift and equalizer control 
● Support conference recording, manually or automatically 
● Support speech timing function, can set up speech time limit and reminder 
● Support video tracking, with 6 HDMI in and 1 HDMI out, 6 BNC in and 1 BNC out 
● With RS232 interface to link with central control system, with RS422 interface to control 6 cameras 
● 8-pin female interfaces: 1 for Interpretation Host, 1 for extender, 3 for conference Mic 
● RCA interfaces: 2 AUX input, 2 AUX output, 2 Alarm input with override function 
● XLR interfaces: 2 AUX output to amplification system 
● +5V Alarm trigger interface: interact with the 2 Alarm RCA input 
● RJ45 interface: based on TCP/IP protocol, support computer remote control 
● Support Android pad remote control 

2K HD Seamless Mixed Matrix

● Support 8-channel, 16-channel, 32-channel signal inputs and outputs 
● Intelligent matrix system for audio and video signal switching, compatible with different audio signal input/output signal cards 
● Signal cards matched include: HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, AV seamless input / output signal cards 
● Support multiple signal input and output cross matrix switching, providing independent video signal and audio input and output terminals 
● The audio and video signals of each video signal are transmitted separately and switched separately to minimize the attenuation of signal transmission. The image and sound signals can be output with high fidelity and can be matched with the input and output signal cards randomly 
● Support power-off protection, power-off memory, audio and video synchronization or separate switching 
● With RS232 communication interface and TCP/IP (optional function) control, it can be easily used with personal computer, remote control system or various remote control devices 
● Mainly used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference halls, large-screen display engineering, television teaching, command and control centers and other occasions 

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