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The Intelligent Electronic Table Cards for the D7600 Series Paperless Conference System

Solution Description

Traditionally, conference table cards are made of paper or copper to show the name and the identity of the participants in the manner of printing or engraving. The traditional ones are rough in appearance, and are not environmentally friendly as its disposable property will waste a lot of manpower and material resources. With the rapid development of technology, paperless, intelligent, low-carbon office has become a major trend. DSPPA's Intelligent Electronic Table Card Display System-D7642 is designed for modern senior meetings. In addition to being more convenient and faster, it is recycling, which caters to the energy-saving and environmental protection philosophy by avoiding waste of resources. Therefore, it is eco-friendly electronic table card.

Solution Highlight Functions

The system diagram is as follows:

Built on Bluetooth 4.2 Version, it is suitable for occasions where there is no external network such as small meeting room. With the Bluetooth box as the center, the maximum coverage range is 100m (The range will be longer when the venue is open)

Features of the System

User-friendly Design, Specialized Functions: it supports unified background template or customized editing background template; Besides, a variety of text settings,font name,font size, font color, etc are available
Ultra-low Power Consumption and Long Range: No charge required to move; Built-in long range battery (3-5 years in general); Energy saving;
Reuse, Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly: A single table card can be refreshed more than 100 thousand times; In other words, over 100,000 pieces of paper have been saved; The content can be updated quickly and efficiently, which avoids waste of resources;
Ultra-thin, High-end Features: Adopting an ultra-thin 7.5 “Dual Electronic Ink Screen”, The thinnest part of it is 5.9mm; It is simple and light, it gives users paper-like reading experience; It is neither reflective nor glaring as its viewing angle is close to 180°;
Simple Deployment,Easy Distribution, Saving time: No need to rely on your current network, no need for a base station; Signal coverage radius exceeds 100m; The list of participants can be imported in batch mode with one click, the display is alert, and it only takes 10 minutes to set up 100 electronic table cards, which greatly enhances conference setting efficiency;
Bluetooth Gateway, Easy Management:Bluetooth wireless communications; It supports mobile app single and centralized management, supports the web terminal, enabling remote management;


The DSPPA Intelligent Electronic Table Cards D7642 has 7.5’’ ink screens on both sides to clearly display name/title, department name/logo, badge/sign. Background, templates can be designed personally; Background color, font color size, etc. can be adjusted according to need. Background centralized layout control can achieve real-time control of terminal information; The operation is simple and fast; The system is independent with high confidentiality in information transmission.
Place it once, reuse it, import it in batches, and modify it quickly. It can be used in meeting rooms, schools, hospitals.

Features of Major Devices

D7642 7.5’’ Dual Electronic Ink Screen Meeting Nameplate





Screen Size:


Operating Voltage:

3.1- 3.3V

Communication Protocol:

ZigBee 2.4G Protocol/BLE Bluetooth V4.2

Transmission Distance:

Normally radius of 35 meters  (100 meters in open area)


800* 480px




Electronic Ink Screen/E-Paper/EPD

Viewing Angle:

> 178°

Working Humidity:



3-5 year

Device Size:


Support Platform:

APP(Android)/Applets/PC web



Device System:

Support Android 7.0 Version and Above

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