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MP9866 Digital Conference System

Solution Description

DSPPA new generation of pure speech digital conference system perfectly combines 8-pin cable hand-in-hand connection and dual-backup full digital intelligent control technology of network interface. The system is easy to operate and install. Besides, the system adopts high-speed CPU program editing control, high-fidelity circuit design to reproduce the original sound quality; the system supports automatic detection of system unit, innovative speech mode settings, and time-limited speech function settings, becoming a new generation of multifunctional conference system, which is an ideal system for various types of projects such as multi-functional conference rooms in hotels, governments, enterprises, etc.

Solution Highlight Functions

System Connection Diagram

Attainable Functions

1. Adopt dual system dual backup multi-channel system unit connection
It adopts all-digital high-fidelity circuit development design, fully combines unique digital technology, network technology and digital audio technology to achieve high-speed data transmission under high-bandwidth conditions, thereby further improving the reproduction of the microphone sound and the transmission speed of sound to reduce sound loss and ensure high-fidelity audio of the microphone tone. It has 2-channel 8-pin dedicated conference unit connection ports, supporting 25 units each, and 4 RJ45 network cable connection ports, supporting 20 units each.
2. High-fidelity sound quality
It adopts a unique high-fidelity audio processing circuit and built-in RISC high-performance CPU as the core for stable system, fast calculation, and adopts 32-bit high-speed DSP floating point processing, with high bandwidth, acoustic feedback suppression, echo cancellation, noise cancellation, digital equalization effects, and automatic gain, to effectively prevent feedback and interference, and ensure the perfect and clear sound quality, confidentiality and security of the meeting.
3. Auto detection of system unit, with conference recording function
When connected to the host, all conference units can display the usage status in real time. When the indicator light is on, the host starts to detect automatically. At this time, all lines are working normally. With a recording output interface, all conference records can be fully recorded and saved.
4. Adopt LCD display screen for more intuitive and user-friendly operation
Adopt a 1.77-inch true-color display screen to display system menus and host status and other information, and centrally control all conference functions through the panel navigation keyboard.
5. Multi-mode speech function
The system speech mode has first-in-first-out, last-in-first-out, auto mode, discussion mode, chairman mode, etc. The chairman unit can use the priority button (Priority) to control the speaking sequence and control the atmosphere of the meeting. Under the voice control setting (allowed mode), if you speak to the microphone head of the microphone unit when the microphone unit is not turned on, the microphone will be automatically turned on.
6. Hand-in-hand connection for conference units
The system connection uses low-voltage DC24V safe voltage to ensure the user’s personal safety for high safety, and low energy consumption for environmental protection.
The conference unit can be used in two ways: CAT5e (CAT6 or CAT7) network cable with RJ45 crystal plug or 8-pin dedicated conference cable, according to the user’s needs, effectively resisting interference, with more convenient installation and more reliable transmission.
7. Sound reinforcement system
In terms of sound reinforcement, it focuses on the clarity of speech sound reinforcement, sound transmission gain, sound pressure level, sound field uniformity, and music playback sound quality, which can be achieved through digital audio processing. The system is equipped with a MG12 mixer for audio access in the conference room. In addition, D6575 is used as a professional audio processing device for clear language without distortion and feedback whistling. The 6 full-range high-fidelity ceiling speakers DSP159 in the conference room meets the needs of the sound field in the conference room; 1 MX2000II (2*300W) constant-resistance stereo amplifier promotes sufficient on-site sound pressure margin, uniform sound field; accurate sound image positioning, etc.

Main Devices

MP9866  Digital Conference System Host

● Using eight-core all-digital high-fidelity circuit development and design;
● Built-in RISC high-performance CPU as the core, stable system and fast calculation;
● The system host adopts liquid crystal display, and the menu operation is more intuitive and us-er-friendly;
● The system host has 2 channel digital outputs,4 channel RJ45 output,which total can connect 120 units in total;
● The system speech mode has first-in first-out, fully open mode, chairman mode, etc;
● Unique high-fidelity audio processing circuit to improve the clarity of the entire system;
● Equipped with a recording output interface, all meeting records can be completely recorded and saved, and the audio output can also be connected to an external audio amplifier;
● The chairman unit can use the priority button(Priority) to control the order of speaking and control the atmosphere of the meeting;
● The conference unit is powered by the system host, and the working voltage is DC 24V, which meets safety standards.
● The host has an RS232 interface, 1 balanced audio output interface, 1 RCA audio output interface, and 1 RCA audio input interface, making the system connection to the audio system more flexible for expansion

Detailed Description

Conference Chairman and Delegate Microphone

● Fully digital-control design.
● Powered by system Control Unit. The output voltage is a safety voltage, 18V.
● The unit is provided with a 1.5m 8P connection line, used for “cross” type line connection.
● The condenser microphone with a replaceable windproof cover.
● Elongated microphone neck available.
● Microphone head with a red ring indicator displaying the speech status.
● With a speech switch key and indicator on the front panel of base.
● With voice control power-off function: The microphone will be shut down automatically 30
● Priority speech function of interrupting speech in the other microphones
● Providing priority music chime.
● Free from any restrictions in the system, and can be placed at any location in the system circuit.
● With Chairman Only mode.

High Fidelity Coaxial Ceiling Speaker with Power Tap
The DSP159 is a HiFi ceiling speaker, which can be switched between the voltage terminal and the ohms terminal. The 70v/100v transmission is realized in a high-voltage, low-current mode, which makes longer distance transmission and parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers possible.

The built-in 6.5” speaker driver is designed of wide frequency response 100-20,000Hz, and rated power is 1.9~30W. It is made of high quality ABS material, which ensures long-term durability, and will never be out of shape or fading; Construction of dual-crossover, its flush mount type makes the easy and secure installation; High fidelity voice quality, good performance of bass, clear and sonorous sound.

● In-ceiling type loudspeaker
● Rated output100v/70v, 4~16Ω
● 6.5” paper cone driver unit
● Rated power 1.9~30W
● High sensitivity 96±2dB
● Secure flush mount installation
● High fidelity voice quality
● ABS material

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