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Small & Medium-size Conference - Audio & Video Conference System

1.Solution Description

The sound reinforcement system of the conference room is a precise and scientific system with stable operation and high reliability. It must be designed based on the actual situation of the entire venue to achieve the desired effect, not with only a large amount of high-end equipment.
To this end, we have adopted the digital conference system, equipped with advanced processing technology and taking into account the transmission of language, music and video at high level, after fully considering the sound reinforcement requirements of music, conferences, reports, and speeches. The entire system can guarantee an even distribution of sound pressure in the auditorium and provide high-quality music and language clarity.
Configuration as follow:
Venue Size: 15m in length, 8m in width, with an area of 120m2.
Number of Participants: 25 people.
Main Purposes: Exchange meeting, training and information release.
Main Functions: Display system, conference sound reinforcement, digital discussion system, simultaneous real-time display of multi-channel video signal / VGA / HDMI / mixed video signal.
According to customer requirements and the size and functional requirements of the entire conference room, the venue is as shown below:

System Configuration:
Sound Reinforcement System:The 4 full-range speakers installed in the conference room meet the needs of the sound field in the conference room and are driven by 2 power amplifiers.
Digital Conference System:25 desktop hand-in-hand microphones are placed on the conference table, including the conference control host, speech unit and other related equipment, to meet the requirements of conference functions such as speech and discussion of participants in each conference room. It is equipped with a tracking camera. When a conference unit is turned on, the tracking camera will track the speaker’s position for close-up, and transmit the signal to the matrix or directly to the display device for viewing.
HD Hybrid Matrix:8-channel host, with 2 HDMI input cards, and 2 HDMI output cards.
Peripheral Devices:It is equipped with a 12-channel audio mixer for audio access in the meeting room, a set of dual hand-held wireless microphones and DVD player for speech and audio and video playback, and an audio processor, a feedback suppressor, and a power sequencer and other common peripheral equipment in the conference room.

2. Connection Diagram

3.Attainable Functions

1. Sound reinforcement system:In terms of sound reinforcement, it focuses on the clarity of speech sound reinforcement, sound transmission gain, sound pressure level, sound field uniformity, and sound quality of music playback, which can be achieved through digital audio processing. The whole system is mainly composed of conference system D6201, video matrix equipment D6108 and professional sound reinforcement system equipment. Among them, the audio sound reinforcement system is mainly composed of speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, microphones, audio sources and other equipment, which can realize simple conferences, speeches, and special seminars.
With the conference system host D6201, the user can speak through the delegate units D6221 and 6222, and the audio is given to the processor D6575 through the mixer MG12, and then to the amplifier MX1500II and to the speaker D6563, so as to achieve local sound reinforcement; 4 speakers D6563 make the sound pressure margin in the scene sufficient, with even sound field distribution and accurate sound and image positioning.
2. Conference Speech System:As to the desktop conference, it is supposed to use the gooseneck conference microphones and wireless hand-held microphones. The conference microphones are connected to the mixer and controlled by the mixer, easy to use. Besides, MG12, D6573 and D6575 are used as professional audio processing equipment to make the language on site clear, no distortion, and no feedback howling.
3. Video Display System:Use 120" main projection screen and engineering projector of brightness 6500lm; 2 cameras D6283II can be controlled by the host D6201 to achieve camera tracking and positioning, and the video screen is output to the projector or display through D6108 to know the person who is speaking in real time.
4. Audio and video switching system:The signal switching system is the core of the video display control system. It mainly plays a pivotal role in switching various signals and acts as a bridge between the signal source and the terminal equipment.
This system can switch any camera video signal, video conference terminal signal, computer signal of information point, and various types of external signals to the corresponding display terminal as needed, to ensure the orderly progress of the meeting. Use a flexible matrix signal switcher and high-performance hardware to design the switching process without black screens and cracks, which perfectly supports all kinds of high-definition digital/analog signal switching processing. Combined with wiring engineering to embed various cables in the conference room, the matrix in the system is equipped with high-definition cables to achieve lossless transmission of signals, and further ensure signal transmission quality and improve transmission distance. It can implement seamless connection, conversion, switching, and transmission of a wide variety of video signal sources in the system, and coordinate control of all information access points and other signal sources in the conference room for centralized and unified management of the system.

4. ProductList







Intelligent Digital Conference System Controller




Desktop Chairman Speech/Vote Unit




Desktop Delegate Speech/Vote Unit




D62 Series Conference 8-pin DCN Wire (20m)




Professional Stereo Amplifier




10''150W Professional Two Way Cabinet speaker 8Ohm




Professional Speaker Bracket (Wall Mount)




 Wireless Microphone System




8 Channel Power Supply Sequence Controller




12 channels AudioMixer




Digital Audio Processor




Feedback Suppressor




30U Racks with Door and Fan




HD Conference Camera




HD seamless mixed matrix host box




Digital high definition audio and video input card




Digital high definition audio and video output card






DVD player






Electric Screen




19" Audio Racks with Door and Fan


Note: This table is for reference only.

5.Specifications of System Main Equipment
Intelligent Digital Conference System HostD6201


Comply with IEC 60914 international standards.
The conference host allows connection of a maximum number of 128 conference units and with the extended host, 1 conference system allows connection of up to 4096 units.
Connection through 8-core aviation plugs in a series mode.
Limitation on number of spokesman at a same time (1/2/3/4/5/6).
Vote function, timed speech and other data management functions.
4.3" TFT display/touch screen:
The system adopts graphic interface and all functions and configuration messages as well as basic information of the units are displayed clearly, besides it has artistic and modern appearance;
Operation via touch screen makes human-machine interaction easier.
Users can adjust the system time and back light duration, in order to save energy.
Messages on the system LCD screen may be in Chinese or English
Users can set a number of VIP speech units, which when the total number of activated units is less than the limit of 20 (20 in FREE mode and 10 in other modes), can be activated and if free of any limitation of conference mode. A maximum number of 30 VIP units are allowed.
The system supports five conference modes, namely FIFO, NORMAL, VOICE, FREE and APPLY.
The system has embedded a DSP, including low cut, frequency shifter and equalizer.
The system can realize recording of the entire conference and provides two recording modes, namely automatic recording and manual recording, and the user can choose the desired one.
The system provides unit testing function, with which testing the conference units may be realized automatically or manually.
It provides speech timing and countdown function. With the speech timing function, the user can set a time limit for each speech or deactivate this function.
The conference systems also provide a camera tracking system and 4 BNC camera ports through which the system can realize automatic camera tracking function.3
The system provides one RS232 serial port, with which the system can be connected to the central control system seamlessly, in addition, it also provides one RS422 serial port for connection of camera control circuit to realize centralized control on the 6 cameras.
The 8-core aviation socket: one is for connection of interpreter host, anther for connection to extended host and three for conference units.
RCA sockets:
√Two secondary audio input ports, for connection to audio players, etc.;
√Two secondary audio output ports, for connection to specialized amplifiers;
√Two warning audio signal input ports for connection to warning audio signals in the fire control center.
Cannon socket: It is a secondary audio output port and is used to realize parallel output together with two secondary audio output RCA sockets (LINE OUT) and for connection to specialized amplifiers.
The system also provides a +5V trigger voltage warning input port, which, together with the warning audio input port, is used to realize warning breaking in function.
The system provides RJ45 ports under TCP/IP protocol, which is used for connection to the network where a PC application program will be used to control all functions of the system.
The equipment casing is made from metal materials and all the lines and casing are properly grounded, so the system has an anti-static of 10kV in case of physical contact and 15kV in case of air contact.
The system adopts high-grade appearance design, 2U standard chassis, and can be installed in a 19-inch standard cabinet.




LINEinput voltage

250 (±30) mV

ALARM input voltage

250 (±30) mV

LINEoutput voltage

1 (±0.1) V

BALANCE output voltage

1 (±0.1) V

Frequency response



>80 dB

Harmonic distortion


Output power

≤110W/3-way, 24V

Max. power


Static power consumption


Quantity of maximum units

128 ps

Control interface

RJ45, RS232, RS422

Power source


Package dimensions(L×W×H)


Equipment dimensions(L×W×H)

484×385×88 mm

Gross Weight


Net weight


D6221Desktop Chairman Unit with Voting Function
D6222Desktop Delegate Unit with Voting Function


Compliant with IEC 60914 international standard.
A conference unit integrating functions such as speeches and votes.
The conference has 2m 8 core high-density DIN cable with an aviation plug.
Electret, cross-shaped, directive, condenser type microphone, with double-color ring type indicating lights (red/green). The indicating light is red when speech is made and in green when an application has been sent.
The microphone rod has a number of lengths for selection: 315mm and 415mm, and they may be in black or silver white colors.
The microphone rod is removable, so it is easy to maintain and store.
Magnet Hifi speaker, which is muted when the microphone is one, and it is not easy to produce howl.
3.5mm stereo headphone jack for connection of headphones and the headphone volume is adjustable.
Very strong anti-jamming capability from mobile phones.
Microphone on/off switch, 5 vote buttons and chairman units has additional chairman priority button.
Conference check-in function.
Each conference unit has a unique ID code.
High brightness LCD screen, when in working it can display in real time:
The ID, number of delegates applying for speech, vote results, number of check-in participants and other operation messages;
User can switch between simplified Chinese and English languages in message displaying.
With cameras, after properly configured on the host or PC control software, it supports automatic camera tracking function.
When used with a host, the conference can realize self-checking function. The check items include: buttons, microphone, LED indicating lights, LCD screen and built-in speaker.
The unit is a passive equipment and is powered by the system controller, with input voltage being 24V.
When the microphone is on, the speaker in the conference unit will be closed automatically to avoid sound echo.
The conference unit has prompt tones when it is powered on, and the prompt tone may be deactivated.
After settings on the host, the chairman unit has the priority (to turn off the sound or close the delegate unit), platform mode (the chairman unit is always on).
With the chairman unit, the conference chairman can approve applications of delegate units for speeches.
Chairman units are free from restrictions of speaking persons and may be activated freely.
Chairman units has the priority to maintain order at the conference site.
Chairman units are free from position limitations.
Connection in "hand-in-hand" "T" and "+" modes.






Effective frequency range of gain limitation (±3dB)

Mic A in to Mic B out


Aux in to Mic out


Mic out to Aux in


Speaker Power


Static power consumption


Max. power consumption




Crosstalk Attenuation


Harmonic distortion


Headphone Output


Working Power Supply

DC 24V power supply

Port on the unit

8pin DIN socket


Type of microphone

Electret, cross-shaped, condenser type



Input impedance


Equivalent Noise

20dB (SPL)


125dB (THD<3%)

Packing dimensions


Machine dimensions


Gross weight


Net weight



Support 8 channels, 4-channel video signal inputs and 4-channel video signal outputs.
Used to the intelligent matrix system for the audio and video signal switching; compatible with input / output card of different signal types.
Inserted signal cards include: HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI and AV seamless input / output cards
Support multiple signal input and output intermixing matrix switching, and provide the independent video signal and audio input and output terminal
Support separate transmission and switching of audio and video signal of each channel, which can minimize the signal transmission attenuation with high-fidelity image and sound signal output and can be matched with any input and output card easily.
Support power-off protection, audio and video synchronization and separate switching.
With RS232 communication port and TCP/IP (optional) control, which can be matched with the personal computer, remote system or different kinds of remote control devices easily.
Mainly used in the radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large
screen display engineering, television teaching and command control center.

D6104HR HDMI Video Signal Input Card
D6104HC HDMI Video Signal Output Card


Support HDMI 1.3 standard, compatible with DVI signal.
Support maximum resolution of 1080p@60Hz.
The input signal card has the function of character superimposition, and the relevant attributes of the characters can be changed through commands. Refer to the command table for related commands.
When the input signal card is used in conjunction with other signal cards with non-adjustable output resolution, the corresponding output resolution of each input can also be adjusted by commands: 1360x768、1024x768、1280x720、1280x800、1920x1080、1920x1200、1600x1200.
Adjustable output resolution of output signal card in each channel: 720x480i@60Hz, 720x576i@50Hz, 720x480p@60Hz, 720x576p@50Hz, 1280x720p@60Hz, 1280x720p@59Hz, 1280x720p@50Hz, 1280x720p@30Hz, 1280x720p@25Hz, 1280x720p@24Hz, 1920x1080i@60Hz, 1920x1080i@59Hz, 1920x1080i@50Hz, 1920x1080p@60Hz, 1920x1080p@59Hz, 1920x1080p@50Hz, 1920x1080p@30Hz, 1920x1080p@29Hz, 1920x1080p@25Hz, 1920x1080p@24Hz, 640x480p@60Hz, 640x480p@75Hz, 800x600p@60Hz, 800x600p@75Hz, 1024x768p@60Hz, 1024x768p@75Hz, 1280x1024p@60Hz, 1280x1024p@75Hz, 1360x768p@60Hz, 1366x768p@60Hz, 1400x1050p@60Hz, 1600x1200p@60Hz, 1440x900p@60Hz, 1440x900p@75Hz, 1680x1050p@60Hz, 1920x1200p@60Hz.
Support HDMI audio and video built-in simultaneous transmission and HDMI video transmission.
Select the input audio as HDMI built-in audio/external analog audio on the touch screen, HDMI built-in audio by default. The external output audio Phoenix terminal is the selected audio source, and has the power-off memory function.
The analog audio output can be set through the touch screen built-in/external, built-in by default.
When the HDMI seamless output signal card is seamlessly switched with other input signal cards, the resolution of the input signal source connected to the switching channel must be the same.

Professional Stereo Amplifier  MX1500Ⅱ 


Professional two-channel stereo power amplifier
New design, standard chassis, suitable for standard cabinet installation
A series of high-power amplifier arbitrary choice to meet the different needs
Dual channel, mono and BTL bridge three output options for the choice of output mode switch selection
Individual volume control for each channel
4Ω minimum load impedance of stereo working, 8Ωload impedance the minimum of BTL working
With XLR and 6.35mm two kinds of signal input interface, flexible and convenient to use
With short circuit protection, DC protection, power off and a variety of protection and alarm functions
Each channel is equipped with LED working status indication, low noise design
Suitable for a variety of different occasions, language transmission and sound reinforcement.




Rated output / channel, 8Ω


Rated output / channel, 4Ω


Rated output / bridge, 8Ω


Input Sensitivity




Damping coefficient/8Ω,1kHz


Input common mode rejection

> 90dB.

Frequency response


Harmonic distortion factor4Ω/1kHz

< 0.1%

Channel impedance



Channel crosstalk



Voltage gain


> 38dB



“DC”, “TEMP”and other LED indicators

Power Supply



Power off, DC output, load short circuit

Device Size (mm)

(L×W×H)484×446×88 (2U)

Packing Size (mm)






8" Two-way Full-range SpeakerD6563


Phased-inverted low frequency radiated two-way loudspeaker system;
Wooden case processing by water based paint spraying with black spot on the surface perforated metal mesh acoustic penetration cotton;
Built-in high efficient and high quality unit; Suitable for suspension installment.





8" Bass×1, 1" Treble×1

Frequency Range (±3dB)

65 Hz -22,000Hz

Sensitivity (1m, 1W)




Input Impedance

Rated Power


Directivity (H×V)






6. Case Scenes
Case Scene

Digital Conference System Case

Sound Reinforcement System Case

Cabinet Installation

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