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Wireless Microphone System

Solution Description

DSPPA new UHF wireless microphone system provides a new energy-saving mode, with automatic EQ control, tone correction and IR frequency synchronization functions. It uses the unique audio compressor design to effectively eliminate howling and completely eliminate interference signals to ensure that the system has a strong anti-interference function.
Therefore, with high flexibility and reliability, our UHF wireless conference microphone system is easy to operate and has compact structure, and the wireless conference microphones can be perfectly integrated into existing conference rooms without additional wiring, which is an ideal choice for mobile conference systems.

Solution Highlight Functions

Solution Design

Usually, in a small closed indoor environment, it is not always the best to install more speakers. Generally, speakers are placed in pairs, mainly for symmetry, and reflecting the left and right channels for uniform sound field and appropriate loudness.
1. Audio source devices
Adopt a wireless microphone system (D5814/D5817) for conferences and speeches.
2. Audio processors
Adopt a mixer (MG12) to modify the audio source, and a feedback suppressor D6573, a digital processor D6575 and other devices to enhance on-site sound effects.
3. Speakers and amplifiers
Adopt two 250W full-range wall mount speakers (D6564), which uses a 10" woofer and a 1" tweeter to ensure sound effects, and a dual-channel 2*400 professional amplifier (MX2500II) to amplifier the power.

System Connection Diagram

System Features

1. The human voice can be better reflected in meetings and academic reports, with clear sound and uniform sound field.
2. The infrared conference microphone has high flexibility and reliability, and uses a new type of anti-howling unidirectional high-sensitivity pickup microphone for perfect sound.
3. It can realize sound signal transmission with high fidelity, high SNR, strong anti-interference, no sound delay, etc.
4. The audio processors can make the speakers provide stable, clear and professional conference sound reinforcement effects.
5. The system can be used to various meeting forms such as conferences, speech reports, etc.
6. Easy to operate, the user can speak when he turns on the microphone switch, with compact structure, simple wiring, economical and affordable.

Series Products

The new generation of UHF wireless microphone system is composed of microphones and receivers. Among them, the microphones include handheld, clip, headset, and desktop microphones, while the receivers have two channels, four channels and eight channels. It can realize frequency synchronization between any receiver and any microphone in the system, providing customers with a variety of combination options.

2-channel Wireless Microphone System Connection Diagram

4-channel Wireless Microphone System Connection Diagram

7. Main Devices
2-channel UHF Wireless Microphone Receiver

Receiver Feature:
● PLL 2/4/8-channel phase-locked loop design.
● UHF 200-channel PLL digital lock automatic communication function.
● IR frequency pairing.
● Display function (display frequency, channel, squelch, level, etc.).
● With volume control for each channel.
● AF output (using “XLR” type socket for independent output and mixed output).

4-channel UHF Wireless Microphone Receiver

8-channel UHF Wireless Microphone Receiver

Auto display of IR pairing

Various types of wireless microphones:




Frequency Range


Modulation Method

Broadband FM

Adjustable Range


Number of Channels


Channel Intervals


Frequency Stability

Within ±0.005%

Dynamic Range


Maximum Frequency Deviation


Audio Frequency Response






Work Environment


Effective Range

150-200m (in open environment)

Package Dimensions (L×W×H)


D584144 Gross Weight


D5842/D584344 Gross Weight


D5844 Gross Weight



Wireless Interface




Spur Suppression


Display Method

Display screen

Working Power

DC12V, 600mA

12 Channels Audio Mixer

● Up to 6 microphones/12 line inputs (4 mono+4 stereo)
● 2 group bus+1 stereo bus, 2 AUX (including FX)
● "D-PRE" speaker, with a reverse transistor circuit
● Single knob compressor
● PAD switch on mono input channel
● +48V phantom power, XLR balanced output
● Metal body

Digital Audio Processor

Setting via PC software

● Fully digital audio signal processing, automatic, intelligent, specially designed for conference and high end venues
● 96KHz sampling frequency, 32 bit DSP processor, 24 bit A / D and D / A conversion
● 2 RCA audio inputs, 5 Mic inputs of 3 groups, 3.1 and 5.1 channel audio output optional
● With USB and RJ 45 interface to link with computer, can set up the system via PC software
● With 9 band equalizer adjustment and delay for music input and mic input, can set up in the panel or via PS software
● With 7 band equalizer adjustment and delay for each output,can set up in the panel or via PS software
● With low cut and high cut frequency filter for music inputand mic input
● 1 U slim design, suitable for 19" rack mounting

Feedback Suppressor

● 2 channel auto feedback suppressor
● 64/128 sampling of 24-bit, with A/D and D/A converter, high resolution
● Each channel with 12 band feedback search, intelligent processing
● Single point mode: auto search and process notch frequency
● Manual mode: can set up the 2x12 wave filter’s parameter, including frequency and equalizer
● XLR and TRS interfaces for audio inputs and outputs
● Two processing modules, L and R channels can be processed individually or in parallel
● 2x16 LCD screen for displaying working status
● With RS232 interface for communication with other device
● Aluminum fashionable panel, 1 U slim design, suitable for rack mounting

Professional Stereo Power Amplifier

● Dual channels professional stereo power amplifier
● Multiple power range: 2x250W, 2x350W, 2x450W, 2x700W
● 3 output modes switchable: mono, stereo, BTL bridge
● Each channel with individual volume control
● With XLR and 6.35mm phone jack for audio input
● Each channel with LED indicator for working status
● With protection of short-circuit, DC current,high temperature, etc.
● With protection of power shock, avoid damage to electricity grid and audio equipment

8" Two-way Full Range Cabinet Speaker

● Two way full range cabinet with reflex bass technology
● Equipped with high quality woofer and tweeter, ensure excellent performance
● Anti resonance designed cabinet, painted metal mesh with sound transmitting cotton
● Tweeter with advanced treble shock absorbing technology, making treble sound more clear and pleasant
● Woofer unit with strengthened paper coil, adopts unique magnetic circuit technology, making bass sound more resonant

Installation Effect

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