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PAVA8000 Voice Evacuation System for Office Building

PAVA8000 Voice Evacuation System for Office Building

1. Solution Description

This office building has 7 floors and 1 parking lot, with construction area of about 5750m2. It aims to have the following functional characteristics:

1. The office building adopts an advanced fire alarm system with multiple audio outputs. For example, when a fire occurs, it can broadcast the command voice to guide personnel evacuation in the fire areas quickly, and broadcast the early warning voice information in the adjacent areas.

2. In order to ensure the stability of the system, the system must take emergency measures, such as line quality detection and historical information recording.

3. The background music playback and broadcast functions can not only effectively relieve the work pressure of office workers, creating a harmonious and happy working environment, but also broadcast paging in different zones.

2. Features

1. Background music: Background musics can be played in all zones or some zones in the office building.

2. Fire linkage: An alarm voice can be issued in time when disaster information is received.

3. Remote paging: You can page a single zone or multiple zones in the office building.

4. Extended zones: 160 zones can be extended.

5. Self-test function: The system has the functions of automatic faults diagnosis, data backup, line redundancy and fault status recording.

6. DC24V emergency power supply: The system can be powered by AC and DC24V power. It can automatically identify the power supply and switch between them, as it has AC and DC power connection detection and warning. Generally, AC power is the main power.

3. Connection Diagram
PAVA8000 Voice Evacuation System

4. Attainable Functions

(1) Voice alarm broadcast preview function

In order to increase the survival method of office staff in the office building in the event of a disaster, the system can enter the alarm test and drill mode through shortcut operation, and the alarm will be released after it ends.

(2) Remote paging and timing function

The remote microphone of this system can remotely page single, multiple or all zones in the public areas or office areas. With automatic playback and timing functions, it can achieve timing track playback or off-duty rings in the public areas or office areas under unattended operation.

(3) Alarm setting and voice download function

The system can compile the alarm area combination through the control software and download it to the main controller. When alarming, the main controller can control each area to enter the evacuation or early warning state according to the pre-programming. At the same time, the alarm voice signal generator will broadcast the voice prompt signal to broadcast the evacuation or early warning voice in the corresponding areas.

(4) Broadcast priority function

In this system, voice broadcast has the highest priority, with voice alarm priority over background music priority. It can broadcast directly or broadcast the recorded voice signal to any terminal combination. Multiple paging stations can be set with different priorities according to the serial number, up to 32 remote paging microphones.

(5) Flexible software operation function

You can remotely detect, control and set audio priority, view running records, and set impedance detection parameters in the office through computer software.

(6) Background music function

It can provide background music when there is no fire alarm in the office building. Different program sources can be selected for different zones through the control software and main controller.

5. Product List







8 Zones Voice Evacuation System




PA System Multifunctional CD Player with Bluetooth




Remote Paging Station




500W Power Amplifier with DC 24V and Priority Input




Digital amplifier 4 channel x 250W




6.5” Fireproof Ceiling Speaker




20W-40W Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker


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