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IP Video Intercom System

1. Solution Description
MAG6282 IP Video Intercom System is an IP based system which integrates public address and intercom system. This system can realize broadcasting and security management through broadcast and audiovisual communication among the administrator, visitors, and help-seekers, to realize the broadcasting and security management.

2. Solution Functions

3. System Connection Diagram

4. System Functions
1. Information release, zone management, timing function
Support timing broadcast by zones, all zones, single zone, and single terminal; support real-time calling function, which can call a single terminal or multiple terminals; support cycle settings for single zone, multiple zones, all zones; support text, pictures, audio and video information release to the managed visual extensions.
2. Support VOIP protocol
The system can be connected and intercommunicated with VOIP phones to realize broadcasting and intercom to the zone terminals.
3. Support online electronic map
In the command center, interactive management with the electronic map of the monitoring center can be realized, the electronic map can be customized for the zone, with the electronic map status and operation functions.
4. Support help video intercom function
It can specify the call target for help through the IP video intercom system software, and support full duplex video intercom. The two terminals can also page and talk to each other.
5. Video linkage
The monitoring center of the IP video intercom system can schedule the camera video linkage, feedback the scene screen to the command center, monitoring center, and management room, and automatically trigger the linkage alarm when an alarm occurs.
6. Emergency broadcast
When an emergency occurs, the emergency broadcast information can be played in time, and other functions of the public address system (such as background music, general broadcast) will be suspended. With one-key alarm, it can quickly start the pre-recorded emergency voice, to quickly evacuate the crowd and guide the evacuation direction; until the emergency broadcast state is removed, the normal broadcast function can be restored automatically or manually.
7. Fire linkage broadcast
Fire prevention and disaster prevention. In case of emergency, with one-key alarm, it can play emergency ringtones, remind personnel to evacuate immediately, ensure the personal safety, and avoid accidents.
8. Support cross-network working, with wide transmission range
It can be accessed where there is an Ethernet port, and the transmission distance can be extended infinitely across network segments and routes. Intercom can be realized where there is a network, and a wider range of information communication system can be built.
9. Online detection
The IP video intercom system can detect the online status of the alarm post in real time, which is convenient for debugging, overhauling and maintenance.

5. Applications
Based on the VOIP protocol, the system can support zone paging, broadcasting, visualized intercom, SOS alarm, and can connect with an IP camera to realize monitoring of each zone. It can be widely used in buildings, command centers, prisons, banks, industries, transportation, schools, parks and so on.

6. Main Devices
IP Visual Intercom Center

●17.3 inch touch screen, easy to operation
●B/S framework, easy to login the server and control the system
●Support VOIP protocol, realize video intercom between the terminal
●Support online map, display the location and working status of each terminal
●The terminal can connect with IP camera, AI function customized
●Support seamless switch between main server and standby server
●Support zone paging and monitoring
●Support timing schedule function
●Support video intercom and video monitoring, can display monitoring scene via extension screen
●Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
●Product dimension 483x308x445mm

Support VOIP. The authorized telephone can directly talk to the terminal or page the terminal.

Adopt B/S framework, with WEB sub-control, and can access settings via a browser.
Part of the WEB interface is as follows:

Support video intercom/multi-party intercom/VOIP
Support recording and video recording during intercom and uploading to streaming media server for storage

Support face recognition, fingerprint recognition, IC card authentication.

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