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DSP9000 Network PA& Intercom System for Apartment

Solution Description

With the continuous development of society, the IP PA system becomes one of the indispensable equipment installed in modern apartments. As the background music and apartment intercom system change our original lifestyles, our requirements for PA system in apartments have been changed greatly.
DSP9000 system can realize background music broadcast  (zone broadcast), visualized intercom, zone paging, and timing notification broadcast in the apartment. When there is a fire in the apartment, the system can be used to broadcast alarms in designated areas as it has emergency alarm function, so as to avoid personal injury or property loss.

Solution Highlight Functions

System Connection Diagram

System Features

1. Information dissemination, zone management
Use the background music broadcasting system to disseminate and publicize the community notifications and information broadcast to the apartment and specific areas.
2. Local management of functional zones
The system can support central control and local management. DSP9000 can realize both centralized control of the system and local control of each zone. For example, the users can install DM858, DM839 and DM83II in the apartment rooms to play their favorite music, broadcast reminders, etc.
3. Help intercom function
Install a video intercom terminal DSP9326B on the apartment floors and in the apartment rooms to realize the intercom between the terminal area and the apartment management center, including emergency help and information feedback, so that the management center can quickly respond to the situation through the intercom.
In addition, install DM858, DM838II, and DM839 in the apartment rooms to play music, talk to different rooms in the same apartment, and realize help intercom with the intercom paging station DSP9312.
4. Notification broadcasting in the management center
Install a remote paging station DSP9312 in the computer room and control center, or the leadership office, for emergency broadcast and information broadcast to any area or room of the apartment.
5. Emergency broadcast
When an emergency occurs, the emergency broadcast information can be played in time, and at the same time, other functions of the public address system (such as background music, general broadcast) will be suspended. With one-key alarm, it can quickly start the pre-recorded emergency voice to quickly evacuate people and guide the evacuation direction; until the emergency broadcast state is removed, the normal broadcast function can be restored automatically or manually.
6. Fire linkage broadcast
Fire prevention and disaster prevention. In case of emergency, with one-key alarm, it can play emergency chimes to remind personnel involved to evacuate immediately and ensure their personal safety, so as to ensure personal safety and avoid accidents.

Main Devices

DSP9100(2U)& DSP9100(7U)
IP Audio PA & Intercom System Host

● 19" standard rack mounted
● IP based audio system, support LAN and WAN
● Paging for one zone, group or all zones
● Integrated with broadcasting, emergency alarm, remote paging, voice and video intercom, monitoring and TTS function
● Windows or Linux system optional
● B/S framework, easy to login the server and control the system
● Intelligent VOIP relay server, could bridge connect with Cisco, Avaya, HUAWEI, 3CX etc.
● Support linkage with camera, realize broadcasting and monitor
● 20 hours working, high reliability and stability
● Multiple USB and VGA interfaces, convenient for expansion.
● Built-in 17.3 inch touch screen for 7U server, to display group information, zone status, program list, and timing information
● Hidden push-pull keyboard and touch pad for 7U

IP Network Paging Station

● Built 10.1 inch LCD touch screen
● Can control up to 200 zones, with single zone selection, multiple zone selection, and all zones selection
● Integrated with intercom, broadcast, monitor, supervise, and music playing
● Can display the followed zones and groups
● Support max 9 zones monitoring information
● With multi-level indication light for paging status
● Save the recording file and running log
● The microphone will be turned off automatically after no signal input within the setting time
● The screen backlight illumination time and brightness are adjustable
● With user password and authority management
● Power supply POE48V

SIP Network Help Visual Intercom Terminal

● Based in IP/RTP protocol
● Integrated functions of intercom, broadcast, timing and monitoring
● Single key type: for emergency calling
● Double key type: for emergency calling and business consultation
● Built-in 2 short circuit inputs and 2 short circuit outputs, can be connected to alarm lamp, door lock, network camera and other equipment
● Output interface for active speakers or voice recording
● Power supply: DC12V/1A or POE power.
● Certifications: IP54, CE/FCC

4x20W Network Stereo Music Amplifier

● Built-in 4x20W/4Ω stereo digital amplifier
● 7-inch IPS touch screen, long display life; easy to operate and setting
● 64-bit Quad-core CPU, Mali400MP2 GPU graphics processor, support 4K video hardware decoding
● Audio source: local music, Internet music, Internet radio, SD card, Bluetooth and AUX input
● Built-in Hi-Fi digital amplifier, 4-channel signal output
● Independent control for two zones, independent volume adjustment
● Built-in Sigma DSP audio processor, 10-band EQ adjustment
● Audio format supported: MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC, ACC, and OGG
● Built-in automatic time calibration and schedule function
● Support WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, wired network
● With 2-channel I/O input, 2-channel relay output
● Built-in Android platform, support APP installation and APP control
● With RS-485 interface to communicate with other devices
● Support video intercom function between each terminal
● On wall installation design, black/white/golden colors available
● Power supply: AC100V-240V/50Hz/60Hz

2x10W Network Stereo Music Amplifier

Wireless talkback/call
Make a call to the target rooms, which can be selected as needed.

● With wireless talkback and music control center.
● Full screen design, 4-inch IPS LCD display screen, with superior screen ratio.
● Support WIFI connection, Bluetooth 5.0, power of 2×10W/8Ω.
● Abundant music modes: Local Music, Net Radio, a Third-party Music APP, BLUETOOTH, DLNA/Airplay wireless push, and AUX.
● Compatible with QQ Music, Kugou Music and other popular third-party music APPs.
● Support network system remote control, including playing host songs, timing tasks, fire alarm signals and audio streaming from the audio collector.
● Can log in SIP account to access network paging/talkback.
● Support Micro SD card and USB flash disk.
● Support talkback and call for multiple DM839 or DM858.
● Support RS485 control, AUX IN and OUT functions.
● Support doorbell linkage.

2x20W Network Stereo Music Amplifier
Support five types of music play mode: local music (support SD card), network music, network radio and Bluetooth.
You can choose any music source as needed.

No matter what size the living space is, DM838II excellent performance can bring you and your family wonderful music and atmosphere.

Wireless talkback/call
Make a call to the target rooms, which can be selected as needed.

● 5" large TFT true color capacitive display and full-screen touch operation
● 5 music sources: local music, built-in SD card, network music, Internet radio, Bluetooth, and auxiliary input
● Built-in high-performance HiFi digital amplifier with high-fidelity sound effect
● Quad-core CPU, 1G RAM, 8G ROM, support SD card up to 32G
● Built-in Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi connection and 10M / 100M self-adaptive wired network interface
● Built-in Internet radio, able to receive network radio signals from various regions
● Built-in weather forecast, easy to check weather conditions of cities all over the world
● Built-in independent running space; support online download of APPs from App market
● Support wireless control through smart phones, easy to control
● Support DLNA protocol and Air Play
● With TCP/IP network interface, easy linkage with intelligent control system or smart home system
● Independent timer and power-off memory function
● Flexible file management operations; such as copy, delete and move files between local storage and SD card
● Online automatic local time correction function
● Automatic upgrading to latest Android operating system

Application effect display

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