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AM8328 Smart Home BGM System for Villa

1. Solution Description

The current smart home background music system gives more considerations to personalized and diversified music to meet different scenarios. It has multiple audio sources, and can control multiple zones and zone music while ensuring high fidelity quality.

The luxury villa is divided into 10 zones, with 300 square meters.

Living Room: 39 Dining Room: 28

Kitchen: 27 Master Bedroom: 50

Bedroom 2: 25 Bedroom 3: 21

Family Lounge: 32 Guestroom: 21

Swimming Pool: 30 Garden: 70

According to the drawings and the needs of the owner, we make the following design for the compound villa: use our AM8328 smart home central control host to control multi-room background music. Through the settings, it can play local music, and Internet radio or network music via the network, so as to play different music in different rooms at the same time. It can not only meet the needs of people of different ages, but also further facilitate people’s lives. With the APP to control the music at any time, and timing point settings for playing, it would be easier to control your background music and makes your home more comfortable.

2. Connection Diagram

Attainable Functions

1. With high sound quality, rich treble and bass, and uniform volume. Support different music in multiple rooms. The user can choose their favorite songs through the control panel BM828RII in each room according to his own preference, or via the mobile APP.

2. Support abundant program sources, and audio input in multiple formats of CD/DVD/USB/BT; with flexible control method and simple operation; control the sound source in different places; support song selection, FM radio station selection, and sound source switching and other functions.

3. Support timing control function (e.g.: automatically turn on the music at 7:00 in the morning to wake up the owner) to control the stereo background music of the main rooms, including dining room, recreation room, bedrooms and other supporting bathrooms regularly.

4. Each zone name and audio source name can be renamed according to the user’s own preference through the mobile APP software for easy identification. Each room can be controlled independently without interference, and the audio source can be turned on or off at any time.

5. With RJ45 Ethernet interface for connection to wired network or wireless router; support iPhone, Android smart phone, tablet computer and other mobile devices for wireless control; and can download the most popular songs from the network at any time.

6. Support DLAN protocol for wireless push. Through Wi-Fi connection, it can push the music (including online music) in the smart phone / tablet to the host for playing, and also push the songs in the network hard disk to the host for playing.

7. Support RS-485 or RS-232 interface; can be integrated with other control systems.

Product List







Network Intelligent Central Music Host




Room Control Panel




6.5“ 20w  Stereo Ceiling Speaker




Intelligent Zone Extender




Waterproof Column Speaker




Rock Speaker


5. Main Devices:

Network Intelligent Central Music Host


Separate output for 8 zones, partition expansion supported, can extended up to 72 zones

Power output: Zone 1: 2x100W/8Ω, Zone 2-8: 2x30W/8Ω/zone

Program sources and partitions can be re-named

Fashionable and simple design with groovy and classy line

7" TFT true color capacitive screen with 16 million pixels, graphical user interface with full-screen touch

Abundant audio sources: 3 network modules for network music and network radio, built-in Mp3 and memory card,

3 RCA inputs of DVD/TV and AUX audio sources, support full format audio

The host, with 8 partitions can order and play music in USB and built-in memory card

Support DLNA protocol, can play music from smart phones and DLNA hard disk

With RS-232 interface and TCP / IP network interface for linkage with intelligent control system

Infrared learning function, remote control of external audio equipment

All-digital audio processing technology to achieve high-fidelity sound quality

Separate time control for each room to achieve intelligent music life

All zones’ operation interfaces are integrated to achieve controlling each room alone or together.

Software online upgrading function supported, manual or online automatic time calibration

Brand new IOS and Android APP, support wireless control of single or multiple partitions

Control Panel


Smart home music control center

3.5" TFT LCD screen, full touch-screen operation

Luxurious design with black, and white color available

With same functions as AM8318 and AM8328II host, including audio

Source selection and audio source playing control

Able to play music in USB and host storage

One BM828RII to control one zone through address setting

Support control of external DVD and TV through the host's infrared

learning function

Support infrared remote control

Line control distance is up to 100 meters

Panel size: 86 x 86 x 38 (mm

Intelligent Zone Extender


Built-in 4 channel amplifiers, 2 X30W/8Ω

Power supply, 100-240V/50/60Hz

Linkage to the host through switcher, support "hand in hand"

cascade linkage

Support wireless control by network equipment 

6.Example of Apple IOS System Operation

1Enter “Room” interface. Select room (zone) firs and choose songs in the

audio source to play music. You can set up volume, pitch, play mode, previous

song, pause/play, next song, and music list (only exist when audio source is

SD/USB, network radio or network music).

2To customize room group. Enter “Room” interface and you will be able to put

multiple room (zone) into one group. Then you can control music playback for

the whole group. If different devices are put into one group, you can only

adjust volume.

3Audio source selection. Enter “Find” interface, then you can play songs in selected zone.

4. Settings

On/Off switch. One button to control the open and close of all zones.

Room list: you can select to display or hide rooms (zones).

Device information: you can check IP address of each room.

Language: you can change language.

Add Radio Stations: you can add radios from different country.

Module Binding: you can customize this function. You can play same music for

modules that are bound together. 

Audio sources rename: you can change name of audio sources and modules.

About: you can see information of current version and check for new version.

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