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MP30W MP62W Integrated Wireless Transmission System for Cafe & Small Supermarket & Gas Station

MP30W MP62W Integrated Wireless Transmission System

for Gas Station&Cafe&Small Supermarket

1. Solution Description
Cafe is a fashionable and leisure place for people to spend time alone, chat with friends about the current situation, and talk about work and contracts. Whether a cafe has a good taste depends on its background music, so it is necessary to play background music in the cafe. One of the most basic functions is to cancel out some noise, and create an atmosphere that can allow people to get “immersed” in, and at the same time wake up their spiritual pursuit. DSPPA MP30W and MP62W set pack is an integrated wireless transmission system with multiple functions such as Bluetooth, FM, USB, MIC, etc. It can be used for background music playback, notification broadcast, etc., with convenient operation, and simple installation. When playing a relaxing and soft background music, it can make customers slow down and clam down their mood after entering the door; it should change to a different style of music to set off the lively atmosphere when there is a promotional activity.

2. Solution Highlight Functions

3. System Connection Diagram

4. Attainable Functions
● The system uses digital wireless audio transmission, and the sound quality and stability far exceed analog wireless transmission. The transmitting frequency is 750-759MHz, which has stronger penetrability than Bluetooth, WIFI, 2.4G frequency, with longer transmission distance. It reduces wiring costs and working hours during construction. The system host is easy to move. The host and each speaker are identified through frequency and code pairing to ensure that multiple systems do not interfere with each other and operate stably. Even if multiple systems are very close and crossed, there is no error. The frequency and code pairing of the system is convenient and fast, and it can be completed in one time.
● The system host integrates various audio equipment of the traditional public broadcasting system: Bluetooth player, MP3 player (support U disk and TF card, support decoding in MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC and other formats), digital recorder (with super long service time, high sound quality, 8G U disk to record for 160 hours), broadcast pre-amplifier (with program mixing, pitch adjustment, microphone priority), karaoke processing reverberator (with reverberation, cancellation of original sound), conference desktop microphone (with professional gooseneck microphone rod, and LED lights), audio digital wireless transmitters, to optimize and condense them into a compact microphone broadcaster (system host), without the need for a broadcast cabinet, saving a lot of space for users, which can be placed directly on the desktop for use.
● The built-in microphone of the host uses high-quality microphone amplified circuit, with higher sensitivity than ordinary products, making it easy to speak. Therefore, if howling occurs, please turn down the volume. The host also has another microphone input interface, and both microphones have priority functions (automatically lower the sound of the music when speaking, and automatically restore the music when not speaking).
● The host has a line input, which can be connected to a mobile phone, DVD, TV, mixer and other program sources. It has a line output, which can be connected to an external power amplifier to expand the number of speakers.
● Users can choose other wireless speaker products. There is no limit to the number of speakers that can be installed, only the transmission distance is limited (the visual distance is 30 meters in radius).

5. Wireless Transmission System Application
MP30W is a set of traditional public broadcasting audio equipment such as Bluetooth, MP3 player, digital recorder, broadcast amplifier (program mixing, microphone priority), karaoke reverb (reverb, muffler), desktop microphone, audio digital transmitter, etc. The integrated integrated wireless transmitter system becomes a compact amplifier (system host) with a microphone. No cabinet is needed, saving a lot of space for users, and it can be placed directly on the desktop.
MP62W is a wireless wall-mounted speaker, which can be installed anywhere, reducing the tedious task of wiring and allowing you to enjoy relaxing and beautiful music.

1. Used in residences and villas, it can cover every corner of the family with music; can broadcast to notify family members to have meals and other activities; can be used for parties and gatherings; can enhance the sound of the TV, making it more beautiful and shocking.
2. Used for small meetings, it can be used for conference sound reinforcement and long-term conference speech recording. Microphone input interface and line input interface can be expanded to multiple microphones.
3. Used in school classrooms, education and training institutions, it can be used for language reinforcement, which can protect the voice of teachers. Optional wireless microphone (universal wireless microphone) is available, which can be used to speak when walking in the classroom.
4. Used in cafes, bars, hair salons, and other places, it can play background music to create a pleasant atmosphere and cover up environmental noise.
5. Used in shops, supermarkets and other places, it can carry out background music and business broadcasting for sales promotion, and can record and broadcast promotional information in a loop to increase operating income.
6. Used in tourist attractions, playgrounds and other public places, it can be used to play background music and find people and objects.
7. Used in the front desk, communication room, and security room of the factory company, it can facilitate the announcement of finding people, and can be used for background music and business broadcast for the unit. If necessary, the external power amplifier and expansion speakers can be connected through the line output port.
8. Used in banking, finance, hospitals, clinics, ticket offices and other places, it can be used for calling numbers, so that the business can be carried out in an orderly manner.

For example: At a gas station, when there is a fire or emergency, you can use the system to evacuate the crowd quickly and orderly, so as to reduce the loss of life and property.

6. Device Functions

Note: The conventional transmitting frequency band is 750-759MHZ, and it can also be customized according to the transmitting frequency range of different countries.

7. Device Display
DESCRIPTIONS OF PANEL:MP30W  Integrated Wireless Paging Microphone


MP62W Active Wireless Receiver Wall Mount Speaker
Note: Two colors are available upon request: White and Black

Note: Wireless receiving speaker type: Can be customized as ceiling speakers, and column speakers.

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