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DMA60U Series Mixer Amplifier--Applied to all small&medium sized projects (restaurants/cafes)

Solution Description

The background music plays an important role in a restaurant or a cafe as it can cover some noises and create a comfortable atmosphere for customers. Proper music is often more satisfying than material comforts. Choose some soothing and gentle background music to make customers calm; and during festivals or promotional activities, change to a different style of music to set off the lively atmosphere. And DSPPA DMA60U series mixer amplifier is an integrated amplifier with multiple functions such as Bluetooth, FM, and USB, allowing you to enjoy clear and beautiful sound.

Solution Highlight Functions

System Connection Diagram


The DMA60U series mixer amplifier is an integrated mixer amplifier with 3 microphone inputs and 2 auxiliary audio inputs. It has an independent master volume gain control knob, and independent treble and bass equalization knobs to cater to user preferences. Besides, it can support emergency voice input, bells, overload protection and other functions. It is suitable for small and medium-sized public address projects, such as mosques, offices, restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, auditoriums, warehouses, factories and retail stores.

5. DMA60U Series Amplifier Features
DMA Mixer Amplifier Series has 6 models: DMA60U, DMA120U, DMA250U, DMA350U, DMA500U, and DMA650U.

Panel Introduction


Amplifier Design Display

● With segment LCD screen, and intuitive display, more convenient for users to use.
● With built-in Bluetooth, FM and USB function.
● With 3 MIC IN, 2 EMC IN, 2 AUX IN, 1 AUX OUT.
● Support 100V and 70V constant voltage output, and 4Ω~16Ω constant resistance output.
● Can be controlled by the infrared remote controller.
● With priority function, and the priority is MUTE>EMC=Alarm=Chime>MIC1>Others (When there is an alarm, no chime can be output).
● With master volume control, independent volume control of MIC and AUX, and TREBLE and Bass volume control.
● With SIREN short circuit trigger function, which can be remotely controlled by this machine or controlled by other devices, with independent alarm output.
● With MUTE short circuit trigger function, which can be remotely controlled by this machine or controlled by other devices.
● With 1 EMC IN, which can be used to input alarm signals from other devices to this machine.


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