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PAVA2240 Integrated Voice Evacuation System

1. Solution Description
The evacuation in a commercial building can be triggered by a growing array of potential threats, including fires, acts of terrorism or extreme weather. With the growing number of busy, complicated or unfamiliar buildings, the process of guiding people to safety is becoming increasingly complex. Public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems are key to giving clear messages that guide individuals to safety, which is why they are an essential part in evacuation planning.

2. Solution Highlight Functions

3. System Connection Diagram

4. System Functions
● 2 zones, 2x240W digital amplifier & backup amplifier 
● AC& DC24V power supply and seamless switch, with DC 24V battery charger
● Can connect 2 remote emergency microphones
● LCD display of current status and configuration settings
● With PTT emergency microphone, audio line in for playing BGM

● Simultaneous broadcast of 2 emergency messages (alert and evacuation)
● Automatic paging recording and operation log recording information are backed up to the SD card
● Continuous speaker line monitoring without interruption
● Complete fault detection and indication
● Can be linked with the fire protection system
● 300m transmission

5. Applications

PAVA2240 is the host of the voice evacuation system. With built-in 240W digital amplifier, it can not only send out warning and alarm, but also support handheld microphone to make voice evacuation. It can manage emergency alarming, fire alarm announcement and background music playing for 2 zones.

The compact design enables the system to fit best in various small to medium sized applications such as office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, sports venues and bars, etc.

6. Main Devices         
2 Zones Compact Voice Evacuation Wall mount Amplifier

● AB line speaker output of two zones, independent switch with master volume, treble and bass adjustment
● Support speaker line detection (light load, overload, open circuit and short circuit)
● One channel audio input, two-zone paging microphone, support ofline detection
● Built-in primary and standby 240W digital amplifier module, auto switch to standby amplifier when the primary one breaks down
● Support AC/DC power supply, and AC/DC automatic recognition and switch
● With 24V battery charger, auto charging when AC power supply is used
● With emergency button which supports playing of recordings in SD card under emergency circumstances.
● Button-press records will be saved in SD card.
● Speaking through a handheld microphone will be automatically recorded in SD card.
● Two-channel linkage output ,Two channels of dry contact input
● Can be connected with Fireman Microphone PAVA2200

Remote Emergency microphones

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