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Supermarket PA Solution-MAG2120II

Micro intelligent public address system integrates such functions as playing, intelligent timing control, audio matrix, partition control, intelligent firefighting linkage, remote computer control as well as telephone and remote paging. Owing to its integral public address functions and individualized intelligent control functions, this address system can better satisfy demands of users of medium and small address systems, such as amplification at such public places as supermarket primary and high schools, medium and small plants, parks and square.

Supermarket PA Solution-MAG2120II

Supermarket PA Solution-MAG2120II
System Features

1. The main control room can paging, manage and control the entire area or a single area; can realize different music for different zones.
2. The service station sets up a remote paging station to paging to the entire area.
3. The office area can set up a paging station to realize sub-control of the entire system.
4. There are 5 sets of timing schemes, each set of timing scheme has 500 timing points, according to 7 days of circulation. Each timing point can control the source selection of the zone, the bell, the internal MP3, the built-in AM/FM, the 2-channel power supply, and the external 4 peripheral sources. The 5 sets of timing schemes can be easily switched.
5. 40-channel fire emergency input (short circuit signal), 1-channel fire linkage output.
6. Can realize computer remote setting timing, point, program to automatic play.
7. Can monitor each zone in real time.
8. High-performance DSP processor, digital matrix, digital volume control, digital equalizer

MAG2120II 20 Zones Intelligent Public Address Center 1
MP1715T PA System Program Timing Player 1
MP9815E Emergency Panel 1
MP9807C PA System MP3 CD/ VCD/DVD Player 1
MP9808R PA System Digital AM/FM Tuner 1
MP9810RII Remote Paging Station 4
DSP904 Ceiling Speaker with Fire Dome 280
MP2500 650W  Power Amplifier 5
DSP8062B 20W Wall Mount Speaker with Power Tap
MP1500 350W  Power Amplifier 7
MP9811P Pre-amplifier 9
DSP207 30W Pendant Type Sound Projector 6
DSP703 10W Coaxial Ceiling Speaker 30
MP2000 450W Power Amplifier 5
DSP416 25W Two-way Wall Mount Speaker 8
DSP416K Bracket 2
DSP218 40W Two-way Wall Mount Speaker 16
DSP218K Bracket 4
DSP455II 60W Waterproof Column Speaker 216
MP4000 2000W Power Amplifier 9
DA2250 100V 2x250W 2Channels Class-D Amplifier 1

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