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MAG808 Digital Audio Matrix System for Gym

Solution Description

The gym has about 50 meters in length and 20 meters in width, which is divided into 4 areas, including front desk and coffee lounge area, main gym and boxing area, spinning area, and swimming pool area. Now, it requires 6 waterproof column speakers in the swimming pool and 17 50W wall mount speakers in other areas at an affordable price for audio broadcasting.

It is required to install a background music system in the fitness center. According to the division of the drawing, it would be a nice choice to install our MAG808 intelligent audio matrix system, which can realize the management of each area, including playing different music separately in different zones, conducting business broadcasts, issuing warm reminders, and linking with the fire system for emergency broadcasts and emergency evacuation in an emergency, through the host or computer control pager and the Android app.

Solution Highlight Functions

System Connection Diagram

According to the needs, install 7 DSP6064 wall mount speakers in the main gym and boxing area to cover the area, 3 DSP6064 speakers in the front desk and coffee area for light music broadcasting during rest, and 7 DSP6064 speakers in the spinning area to play rock musics during exercise.
Due to relatively high air humidity in the swimming pool, install 6 black waterproof column speakers in this area. Besides, we mount a control panel in each area, for independent volume control. The system can realize the following functions:

System Functions

1.Host function
The host MAG808 is an audio matrix main control unit with 8 inputs and 8 outputs, with a 7" LED touch screen, on which you can select different audio sources for different zones, and can set to play BGM at timing points. Also, the 8-channel dry contact interfaces can be connected to the fire alarm system to achieve fire linkage.
2.Sub-control management
The management staff in the reception area can log in to the management page of the public address system through the computer in the reception area, to carry out zone and group management, and set different timing points according to the actual needs of each training area, and perform operations such as broadcasting, paging and others.
3.Paging broadcast
The staff in the reception area can use the paging station MAG808R to release some kind reminders or temporary notices regularly according to the specific situation of the gym, and speak to any point, zone or whole area of the gym, breaking through the situation that the traditional management staff must get the host room to conduct voice broadcast to the gym (notification + finding someone + information broadcast).
4.Different music in different zones, and BGM at timing points
The gym management staff can select the same or different music to play in the coffee area, sports area, or swimming pool area, play special voice programs regularly for each zone, or manually insert certain program music on the host MAG808 or computer software MAG800 according to the actual needs of each zone.
5.Free control system
The staff in the reception area can play music and control the volume in all zones or a single zone through the mobile phone control app MAG800A.
6.Independent zone BGM control
Install a control panel MAG808S in the main gym and the spinning area, for individual sound source selection and volume control.
Install a control panel MAG808C in the reception and coffee area to select individual sound sources and control the volume. You can also input multiple audio sources separately in this area; such as USB IN, MIC IN, and AUX IN.
7.Fire emergency broadcast, alarm in adjacent layer
The host MAG808 has 8-channel short-circuit trigger interfaces, which can be linked with the fire system to realize local alarm and early warning in adjacent layer. If there is an emergency like a fire in the building area where the gym is located, when the host MAG808 receives the fire signal from the fire alarm terminal of the building or area, it will trigger the built-in emergency voice of the MAG808 to remind the personnel to evacuate the scene, and the paging microphone MAG808 can be used to broadcast and guide the people to evacuate, so as to minimize the loss caused by the accident.
5. Application Effect
Now, our MAG808 Digital Audio Matrix System has been applied to the gym to meet the requirements for different background music in different zones. The following is the actual installation scene of the gym.

Main Devices

8 IN 8 OUT Digital Audio Matrix Host

Host Highlight Function

● 7" touch capacitive color screen, embedded operating system..
● Built-in high performance DSP, 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet interface.
● Integrate digital audio matrix, playback, intelligent timing control, zone control and other functions.
● 8-channel zones with balanced output, independent graphic equalizer for each channel, and independent volume control.
● Each channel can be linked independently with a control panel for remote control of volume  and sound source, with voice, line and MP3 playing on the panel.
● 8-channel normal sound source balanced input, independent graphic equalizer for each channel, and independent volume control.
● 2-channel local microphone inputs (with phantom power options), independent graphic equalizer for each channel, and independent volume control.
● 1-channel MP3 player (built-in programs or external USB flash disk) with independent graphic equalizer and independent volume control.
● 1-channel FM with independent graphic equalizer and independent volume control; 1-channel chime with independent volume control; 1-channel voice alarm (one-click alarm), and alarm contents can be replaced as needed; 1-channel fire emergency analog signal input.
● 4-channel remote paging microphones, parallel paging with priority control and independent graphic equalizer, and independent volume control.
● 8-channel fire emergency trigger inputs for independent zone (short circuit signal), 1-channel fire emergency trigger input for all zones (short circuit signal), and 1-channel fire linkage output (short circuit signal).
● Support PC/Android phone LAN remote control; built-in zone monitoring.
● Built-in 8G memory, supporting a maximum of 32G.
● Support AC220 (or 110V) & DC24V power supply.

Control Software
The host can realize remote control in the same local area network through the computer and mobile phone. The screenshots of the software’s operation interface are as follows:

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